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What Body Shape, Fashion Style Am I? What To Wear.

Body Shape, Fashion Style

Thinking Body Shape, Fashion Style and Celebrity Comparison

Ever held back revealing your dress size, who has an aversion to being told they’re pear or apple shaped? Well, the size label shouldn’t matter as long as you feel good about your Body Shape, Fashion Style. Who’s craving to be compared to a piece of fruit anyway.

Quite often when you’re slim you want to be extra curvy and when you’re extra curvy you want to be slimmer. Your body shape is just you, it may fluctuate, you can eat and exercise to your heart’s content but some things will not change so try looking for the positives with your size and shape and go from there.

Whose body shape, fashion style would you equate yourself to? Have a think … sure you’d much prefer to think you’ve got a figure like the Iconic voluptuous Marilyn Monroe or slender Audrey Hepburn. Or compare yourself to the women gracing our stages, screens, catwalks, and magazine covers etc such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Adelle, Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, to name a few, they are not all the same shape and size but all look gorgeous. You can probably more easily claim (and feel better about) ‘I have a similar body shape to her’ than think you are pear or apple shaped.

Once you’ve figured out who you share a similar body shape, fashion style with, you can study how they dress. Being in the public eye they are easily a target for critique if they wear the wrong outfit. Many appoint their own stylist, have a makeover, have a go-to designer whose clothes give them the wow factor. For red carpet events, they have to pay even more attention as the world goes crazy over the best and worst dressed. There will be a select few that stand out at the Oscars for example and it won’t be just the dress that’s gorgeous it will be down to the person wearing it because it was a perfect choice for them no matter what shape and size they are. Have a look at our fun celebrity shape guide.

Body Shape, Fashion Style - Why The Embarrassing Labels

What celebrity shape best fits me?
Who do I look like?
Even better who looks like me!!
Thinking what body shape, fashion style suits me?

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

.Think Nicki Minaj.
.Kim Kardashian.
..Tyra Banks a.. 

.Full Figure and.
.very SHAPELY.
..great legs..
….a slim waistline….
..and heavenly hips! if you..
..wish to take attention away..
.from those hips wear darker.
..colour on your lower body..
..and try embellished top..
…half brighter colour… draw eyes up!..
.Think statement.
..a piece of..
.Wear A Line.
.dresses and.
..Ball Gowns..
.Empire Waist.
.Just don’t flash.
.too much flesh.
.at your … Prom.
….or major event…

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

…Okay now think…
.Beyonce Knowles.
.and Marilyn Monroe.

..Busty Hippy and..
.a pinch.
.of a tiny waist .
..Show off gorgeous..
.curves in a Mermaid.
.Gown, Wrap Dress.
..A-Line Princess..
.Column Sheath.
.Trumpet Gown.
..Don’t forget..
…the heels…
.and also a.
.or two!!.

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

Lily James
.Kate Moss.
.Taylor Swift.
.Kendall Jenner.

.Create curves with.
.a Trumpet Gown.
.Mermaid Gown.
…Ball Gown…
..Shift Dress..
.A Line Dress.
.As you know.
..the above..
.women look.
good in anything lucky you!.. 


What body shape, fashion style suits me?

.Think petite.
..Lady Gaga..
.Sheath Dress.
..(No not meat)..
…Empire Waist…
..A-Line Princess..
..Or Full Circle Skirt..
.Guess add those heels.

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

.Now we’re.
..thinking of..
..But how do.. say it..
..few pounds..
.round the belly.
.but not the end.
..of the world try..
..wearing A Line..
..Princess or Ball..
…Gown or even an…
.Empire Line Ball Gown.
and show off that face …

Now for a clearer picture of dress lines

What To Wear
.elongates. slimming..
..effect can also create..
.illusion of more curves on a.
..slimmer frame just … like this ..

..for tall..
.or taller full.
curvy figures
..the shape..
.can create.
.curves and.
.also hide a.
..number of..
..the unwanted..
ones too that you
still didn’t resolve …

.made to.
..bust and full skirt..
..flattering for all sizes..
.If you’re top heavy don’t.
…leave it … to all hangout….

..creates a..
.balance yet.
.very feminine.
.and disguises a.
.few areas such as.
..tummy, hips, shorter..
..legs & also longer torso..

.sexy for.
.or more.
.figures with.
..a drop waist..
..and then a full..
.flaring skirt which.
…elongates the torso…
…whilst showing off waistline…
.Sweetheart neckline which adds. support the attractive curvy look..

..for petite..
..and also..
.a slender.
.To ensure.
.they won’t.
.be hidden.
.by a more.
.flowing and.
.lavish dress.
.or ball gown. 

Who's wearing what - Compare your body shape, fashion style

Now you feel good about your body shape why not try something new. Off you go celebrity spotting who’s wearing what, do they look good in everything they wear do they have a certain fashion  style do they have a similar body shape to you, use their knowledge to your advantage. A celebrity will know how to stand to elongate legs, show off their best side, show off their assets and also hide any of their troubled bits. Just watch them. Don’t forget that you are just as important though don’t become a copycat for one person, be you and take tips that are really important, maybe you’re a mash-up of all your idols, that could be fun to recreate certain looks for you.

Choosing a Dress/Dresses for Special Occasions

Hopefully, this will help you when choosing a dress for a special occasion. Maybe a prom dress a wedding gown or dress ideas for bridesmaids if you have a few to dress, be kind. Have a colour or fabric theme but not necessarily all the same dress style. Think body shape, fashion style, let them feel good too it will make for a happier day in the long run. 

Prom Dresses Style

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Have fun. 

What To Wear

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