Foreo Luna skincare devices


Great idea to try the Foreo Play as it's much more inexpensive item, then you'll be more confident moving up to the other Foreo products such as the LUNA 2 priced at £169 or the LUNA mini 2 £119 see the bestsellers on the link they even have toothbrushes. The Luna 2 pictured has four different brush types so pick the one to suit your skin type; Combination, Oily, Normal or Sensitive. This next generation-Sonic power gently exfoliates and unclogs removing dead skin cells, makeup leftovers plus dirt and oil that can otherwise start an unwanted adult acne breakout. On the reverse side the device uses low-frequency pulsations to evidently reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin feeling more firm and lifted. There is also the added benefit from better absorption of your choice of skincare products.

Skincare Boots No 7 anti ageing products

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We also tested Boots No7 anti-ageing skincare products and found a great product for you, you probably have heard of No7 already but may not have tried it. The anti ageing Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles No7 and been proven for the last seven years we tested it on one of our volunteers in the team and noticed they work softening deeper lines and making an overall visible difference.

Anti-aging skin care for men and women
Get rid of the laughter lines and keep laughing! These creams and serum really work! Anti-aging skin care for men and women Available in the UK is Boots No 7 a trusted brand their new serums and day and night creams are getting rave reviews, check out in store or online often on special 3 for 2 offers price approx £24 per 50ml day or night cream and eye 15ml creams for approx £19 Protect & Perfect, Protect & Perfect Intense and Lift & Luminate for different age groups and skin repair needs see here Boots SHOP HERE

Jurliqure Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream

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Jurlique - established over 30 years ago connecting people back to nature you can find out more and search products on the link our affiliate link is via USA but you can change destination on website for UK or Australia shipping. Picked this Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream, because of the known benefits of Calendula for skin irritation plus many more amazing ingredients which soothe, hydrate and protect, especially kind for sensitive skin. Use morning and night US$46 for 40ml $92 for 100ml

Here's a link to Jurlique Gift Sets with some special offers worth checking out SHOP HERE

Skincare Jurlique Herbal Recovery

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Looking to restore radiance back to your skin - the powerful botanical extracts and antioxidants in Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Nighttime Ritual are said to do just that protecting your precious skin from the first signs of ageing

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KAPLAN MD Skincare

Skincare Elizabeth Arden prevage anti aging products

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Loving the Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging + intensive repair eye serum, Prevage anti-aging daily serum, Prevage anti-aging moisture cream SPF 30 PA ++ and Prevage anti-aging overnight cream. This is the 50ml moisture cream and sample sizes of the other products that I was lucky enough to receive as a gift, whilst writing this one up realize haven't been using the eye serum to the best of its benefits, as it specifically mentions use on eyelids too as well as around the eyes, but have now amended the routine, I suppose on most occasions the eyelids are not really a problem (so far) it's more the fine laughter lines that creep up on you! Still this is a luxurious corrective eye serum and you will see a difference especially with continued use as it helps support the skin's natural collagen matrix and see here 'significantly reduces the appearance of crepy lids, crow's feet' (we don't call them that lol) and also not forgetting dark circles. Would recommend this product for those with tired eyes (count me in). It feels really smooth on application and uplifting.

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Anti-aging Serum is a correcting serum lifting and improving fine lines within 15 minutes of use continuing to offset damage and any visible signs of ageing. It feels really light and hides fine laughter lines. ( I need to order more been laughing too much). SHOP HERE

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Anti-aging Moisture Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines helps nourish skin's natural moisture defenses, reversing dryness. It will also reduce any discolourations. (But I hadn't noticed discolouration to test). Gives skin a soft smooth and more radiant look. It works all day with built in SPF to protect and keep your skin hydrated. I love the tub it has a yellow lid inside, with a release button that prevents you using too much or dropping anything into the pot and contaminating it!  All the creams are light yellow too and have a fresh light fragrance nothing overpowering. SHOP HERE

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Intensive Overnight Moisture Cream works during the night in sync with your skin's sleep pattern, as it's the time your skin is most receptive to treatments. It's the easiest one to forget or skip if you've been out all night but really beneficial so you must use a cream at night just get into the habit at a young age and you'll worry less at a later date. SHOP HERE

Elizabeth Arden note scroll down on their website link here for great value Gift Sets. SHOP HERE

E45 Cream Beauty Page

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We've been trying some inexpensive skin products for all skin types but noticeably beneficial to combination skin tested here and we're loving dermatological E45 cream, use at night and after washing face in the morning (water and baby wipe- no harsh products) traditionally developed (60 years ago) for treatment of dry skin conditions which it has been clinically proven to treat including eczema and psoriasis, it is actually a medicine so check the label for anything that may concern you, but in general it is safe to use on all ages including babies over the age of one month. It's non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into your skin to maintain moisture, it can even help oily skin and combination skin balance and even out, we found it clears open pores too. It's a bit of an inexpensive miracle cream. It works similarly to a Lush product we also love 'Ultrabland' which is a simple effective cleanser. So if you suffer from combination skin and occasional break outs maybe large pores instead of stripping all the goodness out of your skin try a more gentle approach first. We think you'll love it. Remember moisturiser benefits all skin types reversing diverse effects such as sun damage, aging and dryness whilst encouraging new skin cells to grow via Boots

Check out Fresh Matters from lush they have some great natural products one favourite is their lip scrub which is tasty and lickable just apply a little, rub into your lips and your lips can do the work massaging the scrub in "mmmmmm" you can leave it on they are tinted so look fine as long as you don't smudge it all over, or add a balm afterwards. Bubblegum is popular try it you'll be glad you did, it works a treat preventing sore un kissable lips...

You can even have a go at making your own DIY lip scrub use a little sugar and honey mix into a tiny pot for a few days use ...experiment with different sugars, vaseline, honey, syrup just need something to exfoliate even salt but that won't taste so good! and something to make a creamy paste so have a go... and if all fails see the experts Lush ... for an inexpensive treat (currently £5.75 for 25g pot).

Another great Lush product is a face and body scrub we love 'Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub' to get your skin ship shape with coconuts, lime, avocado butter and seaweed exfoliates and softens, makes your skin feels fresh and smooth. (£8.75 for 120g)

Also from Lush 'Coalface soap' - absorbs oil, cleans and clears' deep exfoliation (£6.45 for 100g) made with antiseptic rosewood, sandalwood oil gives an earthy fragrance, charcoal for its absorbency along with liquorice root to soften the skin and rosewood oil with its antiseptic properties and unfortunately for us we're not actually selling these just recommending products we use here.