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Nails with DIY Bling

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Semi DIY nails acrylics with added diy bling taupe shine on four nails and rose gold glitter, added gems to base and glued gems all over the thumb nails using a diy nail gem kit found on Amazon

Rose Hand Cream

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Short Nails - No Problem

Just because you have shorter nails doesn't mean you have to stick with boring colours, choose pastels, vibrant or really deep tones anything goes as long as the nails look healthy and well manicured, a french manicure is a classic still you could even have fun with it and use different tones to match your outfit. Try ice blue and navy, orange with gold/bronze, baby pink with hot pink. There are no rules if you want to be less noticeable go for a paler shade a light dusting of gold or silver looks really nice on any length of nail too. Light colours will not show so easily if you have chipped the colour away so they are also a safe choice, best advice take the varnish with you, you never know what might happen, a dab of colour will look better than a big bare chunk. You need not paint the whole nail again just use for a quick cover up.

Same goes for acrylics! or other false nails. Have you ever had a nail fall off - it happens be prepared, glue, nail polish in the make-up bag, just in case!

Hands often get neglected but they are exposed to all sorts of pollutants and there are lots of ways to keep them looking and feeling great, no point looking after your nails and neglecting your hands. Use a hand cream daily, carry a small tube with you when you travel and leave one near where you work possibly by the kitchen sink as a reminder. There are also oils that benefit your nails and cuticles which will make your manicure last longer. Don't forget to use gloves too, gloves to protect against the cold and gloves to protect you from the washing up!

Make your manicured nails last longer

Use a cuticle oil/cream daily, if you apply over manicured nails as well as before having a manicure this will help keep nails in good condition and prolong the paintwork!

Keeping nails hydrated will help prevent breakage thus help nails to grow.

Start with an oil or balm to keep hydrated if nails/cuticles are damaged you may need to add a repair balm too.

Nail OIl - Jurlique

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Making your manicure look like a professional job and not another diy one.

Start with *varnish-free nails, then file your nails left to centre and right to centre hold the nail file at a 45 degree angle. File the tips of your nails at a 45 degree angle away from you to ensure smooth nails. Buff the nail plate to smooth out any imperfections and get an even surface too, going with the direction of nail growth. Buffing is a nice alternative to doing cuticle work at home - just go right around the edges of the nails to remove bits of dead skin on the nail plate and underneath the tips. If your nails are a bit uneven (bumpy) use a coarser file first to rough buffer them, then use a smoother buffer to polish. Using a cotton ball or pad soaked in remover wash over the whole nail, get right into the edges, this will ensure a clean surface better for nail polish to adhere to. Now add a base coat and leave to dry for a couple of minutes, some nail polish have the base coat built in, in which case you can skip this step. Best place to start is your little finger then your hand will not get in the way when painting the other finger nails. Dip the brush in, wipe one edge of the brush back against the top of the bottle, we do this automatically but believe it's just so you don't have too much paint on the brush and make a big blob. Start at the base of the nail at the cuticle try to keep clean, brush with three strokes centre and one either side. Use a cotton bud dipped in remover to clean up any mishaps, or a tiny brush that you need to wipe clean in-between.
The secret to a professional look is to then (after a couple of minutes) apply a quick drying oil which sets the polish and starves of oxygen.
If you tend to wave your hands about or blow on to dry, (Even use a hairdryer) this can smudge the varnish or give an uneven finish.

Confused which remover to use?

Should you use acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover...
Acetone is a clear liquid solvent with a strong smell it easily removes nail polish and can also be used to remove artificial nails. Use it to remove darker colours and glittery polishes on natural nails only as it will weaken acrylics and other artificial nails.

Non-Acetone nail polish remover is safe for all nails artificial or natural but as it is gentler it can take a little more work to remove nail polish it also generally smells kinder.

We would suggest buying one of each as it can be very frustrating using non-acetone remover if you're in a hurry and have to DIY your nails.


Picture was found on Rihanna's instagram Follow her at @badgalririTo achieve these nails worn by Rihanna you will need:white nail polish as base coat black nail polish matte black nail polish This look is extremely simple to achieve, here's how to do itFirst use your white nail polish and paint your nail all over as a base, leave it to completely dry before moving on to the next step. Make sure your base is smooth and even because if your base is bumpy your end result will also be bumpy.Next with your black nail polish paint your cuticle side of the nail. If you do not have a steady hand you can make a paper template, get a sheet of paper and cut out a semi circle shape and place against nail then paint over the missing section to get an even and precise semi circle. Wait until it is 100% dry before moving on to the next step.Finally using your matte black nail polish paint the rest of your nail with it. To avoid mixing the matte with the shiny black cover up the bit already painted with a piece of paper and then paint the rest with the matte nail polish.