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RED iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED has landed and it's rather special, loaded with two camera's working as one 12MP (wide-angle & telephoto plus optical zoom at 2X digital zoom up to 10X) New speaker system now in stereo, said to be 2X louder than an iPhone 6S, longest battery life of an iPhone so far, a cool Home button, it's water resistant up to 1 metre of submersion and splash proof (so a rotten luck drop down the loo or a slide into the bath even a dunk in your drink waterproof) make sure to dry it off and check the warranty as it doesn't actually cover for water damage even though they appear to have stood up to a variety of testing and there's more stuff you can see on the O2 link below. Screen Size 4.7" Before you go placing an order if you have to have the latest phones check out the O2 Refresh/Upgrade Plan we think you'll like it! 

Shop Here From £9.99 up-front £51 p/mth on O2

Dust Water Resistance - Info IP67 v IP68

Amazon Echo technology that grows the more it understands you real sci-fi stuff

Amazon Echo Black

Via Amazon  SHOP HERE £149.99

There's a lot of noise about Amazon's release of Amazon Echo (*Alexa) 'Always ready, connected and fast. Just ask.' Also available in white and a smaller version dot. Amazon DOT £49.99 2nd Generation released 20 October 2016 *Alexa is the brain behind your Amazon Echo growing smarter the more you use it. Alexa responds to your voice she will probably realize on a Monday morning your voice might be a little different, it will get used to the fact you are less tolerant when running late and that will be fun to see if it begins to react even faster or even by putting tasks together that go hand in hand whilst running late and you need your hands free, it could wake you up, try again with a blast of your music, tell you about the weather and any train disruptions. Whilst you figure out where you left your keys. It could be very useful, at first was a little skeptical but must admit it would also be a handy helper in the kitchen when you want to check a recipe or figure out weight conversions without having to wash your hands yet again. For now it gets a thumbs up it will free your phone up so you can keep social on there and not miss a thing. Plug it in, connect to internet via free app and explore.

Amazon Echo Alexa App

Still a fan of Samsung happy with the S6 Edge here and another member has the S7 with no problems to report.

For your information the Galaxy Note 7 is the one with the issues 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s were recalled in September, replacements having been stated as safe, but now you are advised to switch off as the device caught fire during further tests in the lab in Singapore all sales currently halted see BBC 11 October

O2 The sleek Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
O2 Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shown here in Gold Platinum, also available in Pink (more a Rose Gold) and Black. The Galaxy S7 edge great for gaming a key feature, switch off your alerts and immerse yourelf into a game downloadable from the Google Play Store. You can even record your gameplay and reactions as tutorials or share with your friends. Inbuilt cooling system will prevent overheating and keep play going.)
So going over the cost O2 have a cool O2 Refresh Plan which divides your monthly bill into two parts your Airtime Plan and Device Plan. The plan at £39.99 = £25.00 a month for the device for 2 years £25 x 24 = £600 + the up front fee (total cost of Galaxy S7 edge £639.99) The Airtime is £14.00 a month for 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MG it's 4G Ready and once you've finished your contract you just continue paying for the data the Airtime part (£14) as the device is paid for, I like that idea as quite often I am not ready for a new phone, if you're the opposite and have to have the latest phone as and when they have another plan you might like which allows you to have a new phone more often you can check their website. Also order by midnight for next day delivery or try order and collect.

More on O2

Ofcom rated number 1 for customer service 7th time running. Order online by 10pm for free next day delivery or click and go collect it asap at a store near you.

Have a look at a variety of Fitness Trackers available

and love this fun gadget Samsung Gear VR personal virtual reality headset place your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 mobile in the headset and go bring games and movies to life - have virtual fun.

Check out here on O2 this offer has more if you go for the 30GB you can upgrade after 12 months at no cost just trade in your hand set and move on to the next model if you're that way inclined for free now that makes a nice change. Personally have the Galaxy S6 edge and love it it has a great battery life, camera and is gorgeous to look at also love all the extra thoughtful stuff such as the wireless charging plate

Plus other cool accessories have a look here for more detail and note O2 comes with lots of perks check our earlier Samsung blog and Priority blog there you are go check out tariffs and more details on offer here

Have the seen or heard the fuss over the LuMee smartphone cases it's a front lit case that also protects your phone, it's easy to charge, doesn't drain your battery and is ready to use at the touch of a button. Designed to brighten your face with professional lighting kit, using front facing lights and a dimmer. Currently available for iPhone 5/5S iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6SPlus and Samsung Galaxy S6 selfie lovers check out the latest Lumee LED cases as shown similar to popular selfie taker Kim Kardashian via Amazon Lumee LED Cases

My is an innovative shipping company providing global shoppers a secure, reliable and fast way to ship packages from US retailers.
MyUS: Free 1 Month Membership + 20% off your 1st Shipment!

This is a fun and useful app 'flypay' allows restaurant customers to check, split and pay their bill from their phone, transforming the restaurant experience' we were first introduced to flypay (downloaded free) at wahaca (the uber cool mexican restaurant) fast becoming a go to app for business and makes paying, sharing bill and leaving a lot easier  as shown here download it before your mates and introduce them to it too. Take mates out to wahaca for quality food and fun atmosphere there's hopefully one near you check wahaca for their awesome story and even more awesome food.
flypay at the App Store

flypay at the App Store

More food for thought!
Think of the main things that go wrong with a mobile phone - cracked screen, no battery life, broken charger.

Need to replace the battery on your iPhone it is not too expensive or difficult but suggest to order the battery with the tool kit included check out here for what's available for your model Amazon most battery and tools are just over £10 some are less. Or check out here first with Apple Support for current costs and advice. Apple
The link also has separate tool kits to open and repair various mobile phone and tablet models. It's up to you if you give it a go, but you will be breaking any guarantee you may have with the supplier/manufacturer.


Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus if like me you're a fan of the Galaxy Edge, look and feel then you'll love the latest edition the borderless display allows you to see more and have to scroll less an elegant, tough glass and metal design rated IP68 for water and dust resistance. The camera function allows for pictures in low light with it's 12MP main camera and 8MP front facing camera. Super safe with Iris screening to unlock simply stare at your phone for it to recognize you. At launch the personal assistant Bixby Vision will be available, with its voice function coming soon to the UK. Both models come with AKG close-fitting earphones. Screen size is 5.8" for the S8 and 6.2" for the S8 Plus. Available in Orchid Grey or Midnight Black. 

More information on the O2 award winning site. Prices from £9.99 up front £55 monthly. 3 GB (4G) Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, all the good O2 stuff £49.99 up front £51 per month. Check Out Here 

Google Home is a hands-free smart speaker the latest voice activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant - UK release date 6 April 2017 Google Home plays music from radio, podcasts, services such as Pandora, Spotify,  TuneIn, and Google Play Music. Get started  asking questions by saying OK Google than ask it anything, you know Google it OK Google who is Alexa? Learn, play you name it. Price £129

SONY PS4 500GB Console with Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Game and Blu-Ray Movie. The latest slim stylish console High Dynamic Range Technology more realistic plus easy to share and connect with friends.

Amazon PS4 Star Wars package console game and bluray

Via Amazon  SHOP HERE £219.99 plus free UK delivery

SONY PS4 Fifa 17 you can use our Amazon link SHOP HERE here to BUY NOW currently £32.99 with free delivery you can also search for other games or games for other consoles

Amazon PS4 Fifa17

check out Game they also offer a NOW TV 2 Month Sky Cinema pass without a contract. So if that is of interest that might be the best deal for you. Like the sound of the Amazon deal see following offer too and Amazon Protect.

Amazon Protect 2 Year Breakdown and Accidental Damage Cover for GAMES CONSOLES £200 - £249.99 it is also transferable if product sold on or gifted only £16 order at time of ordering your Games Console you also get a cool off period to change your mind 45 days - just in case your magical powers tell you your console is in extremely safe and unworried hands. Quite often pass on the cover (sorry) but this sounds like a good idea, knowing what can and sometimes does go wrong a lot less than having to repair or replace, see more Amazon Protect they also offer three years for £20!

Fun but useful gift/gadget available via Amazon and on Prime (next day delivery)
FEBNISCITE 16GB Game Controller Shaped USB 2.0 Flash Drive in black, a cool way to save and store your photo, music, notes etc for home, school or work. £8.39 via Amazon SHOP HERE

Amazon FEBNISCITE 16GB Game Controller Shaped USB 2.0 Flash DriveAmazon FEBNISCITE open

for all you footy gamer fans adding a few bits for you there's enough football/soccer fans out there first up -
Game links order via 365 Games and earn player points
FIFA 17 FIFA17 XBox One
or are you a play station player then use this link below and also you can see more information and scroll down on this link to watch 'Football Has Changed REVEAL Trailer'
365 XBox One FIFA 17365 PS4 FIFA 2017


Other new releases for sports fans

BUY NOW NBA 2K17 Xbox One

365 XBox One NBA 2K17365 PS4 NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 PS4

Amazon Prime

You'll benefit from free next day deliveries on *eligible Prime orders (*UK delivery items dispatched from and sold by Amazon and items sold by Marketplace Sellers but dispatched by Amazon) Look for the Prime logo on Amazon pages.

Amazon Prime Logo

So on top of unlimited next day delivery, you get unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, you also get unlimited listening with Prime Music. The Amazon Prime subscription is only £7.99 a month or up front £79p/year
and if you're a *student even better you can get a six-month trial followed by annual membership at reduced price currently only £39p/year.
*student aged 18+ and enrolled in UK for Higher Education.
Amazon Family join for £79p/year and have the option to sign up for nappies at 20% discount
See details for Prime T&C but we think it's a worthwhile sub. Sign Up Here

A bit more to consider XBox One vs PS4

Firstly it's still very much personal choice if you're buying as a gift this might help you decide but if you're buying as a gamer you probably already have your favourite, so unless you've experienced a problem we're not likely to sway you!

Key points to consider - outsider point of view, they are similar in price though the extras add up at least you could get a base kit at a similar price now that the XBox One can be purchased without the fun Kinect.

Microsoft - XBox One More of an entertainment system, possible longevity the new larger unit will allow more airflow which (in the 360 model) caused many overheating issues. It also has potential to do more, cool Kinect -mid-air commands, Better Apps, Uses 2 x AA batteries but last longer than PS4 rechargeable and probably just as cost effective. 

Sony - PS4 Peoples favourite in general, easy to set up more power at launch, better graphics but probably only noticeable by avid gamers Controller Dualshock 4 new improved design requires charge kit for each controller and charge doesn't last as long as you might like so possibly bit of drawback. Most mates tend to bring their own controller along, best option to save money!

Both have Amazon Prime Instant Video, BBCiplayer, Demand , Eurosport, IGN, Internet Explorer, Netflix, Now TV, Sky Go, Skype, Youtube.

XBox One also has Plex (Plex Pass membership holders are able to stream all media from PC/Mac to XBox One e.g. photos, videos) Blinkbox, Wuaki TV & 4oD (4oD is a service that lets you watch Channel 4, E4 and More4 programme's online at, or via iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, PS3, Xbox, Samsung IDTV, Sky, BT Vision and Virgin Media. After a programme has been broadcast, provided the rights to use it in this way have been given the program becomes available on 4oD for a period of 7-30 days. Programmes from the Channel 4 archive are also made available for a longer period so that you can enjoy Channel 4 classics on demand. Currently not all our archive content is available outside ) You can also record and share your moments of glory, or live broadcast your gameplay with Twitch.

PS4 has BBC News & Sport

Xbox One has arguably the better games especially the amount of exclusives, but this could also change. Will endeavour to add review of best games later ... according to Forbes recent studies Xbox One outsold PS4 for the first time since its launch outselling in USA in November 2014 this could be due to price cuts.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have subscriptions to their premium services to play games online. But what, exactly, do you get some questions answered below and there are deals out there for subscriptions. More food for thought!

Frequently asked Xbox Live Gold Questions here

Ditto for Play Station Plus Memberships here

PS4 has BBC News & BBC Sport

New from 3DotJ Studio

Puts your reactions and skills to the test as you go up against the clock

check it out on iTunes

An awesome app for parents, children and would be elves

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