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Indie Music, our Independent Music Showcase. All Genre Music Artists. Check out these Awesome  Music Artists selected to showcase. Plus, if you think you’ve got something worthy of a listen. Share with us send your details to us and follow on twitter (we will follow back) easy that way!

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Bad Mary Hanging Around

Bad Mary - VIDEO - Hanging Around

New York Punk is fast, alive and fun - Bad Mary - a four-piece band – led by dynamic lead singer Amanda Mac, Mike Staub (bass/vocals), Bill Mac (drums) and David Henderson (guitar). Great energy and sound, feels like a step back to the seventies with a vibrant fresh twist and current ethics - hard to pick a fave video went with an earlier one from second album 'Hanging Around' check out the links for more music and info. See below to pre-order upcoming EP Glitter Bomb.

Bad Mary Glitter Bomb EP

Here’s a little YouTube peek at ‘Glitter Bomb’ EP available released 29 September 2017 via iTunes. Video getting prepped and ready for you via Staten Island, New York Bad Mary 


Shor-T - VIDEO S.M.A.D.

Ingenious rap lyrics and great video S.M.A.D. (Social Media Anxiety Disorder). Thumbs up to music artist Shor-T and video remix by @CrushCityEnt It's a reminder to take a break and don't take social media too seriously research shows consequences of too much negative social media can lead to depression, don't get caught up in it and reach out if you need help.

Malaiki Falling For You

Malaika - VIDEO Falling For You

New single and gorgeous music video 'Falling for you' from now UK Based Malaika who is a Malawian born and Zimbabwean raised Singer - Songwriter inspired by afrobeats this one's a catchy pop song with a dancehall feel, ooh she's got the looks the voice and the moves. Written to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage women to go after what they want, in this case it's a man​ and she's not afraid to admit it check out Falling For You - Video Directed by Tawanda Sibotshiwe in association with Stage Works Films Produced by Rymez

Malaika – Falling For You –  Available here in iTunes

Kat Dahlia Body and Soul

Kat Dahlia - iTunes Body and Soul

We love Kat Dahlia out of Miami a beautiful Cuban-American with an orignal sound writes her own stuff and is just herself pop with a rap edge ... love her check out iTunes link for more music


Peltsman - VIDEO Your Love ft Kenny Thomas

Love it ... British Rapper some great lyrics too Singer-Songwriter MTV Brand New Unsigned Finalist 2014. Check out youtube channel (above link) for latest uploads and news this one Your Love ft Kenny Thomas.

Love the way we find music artists to showcase via twitter followers we were sent a link to a Bridge The Atlantic podcast which Marcio Novelli was co-presenting with Ross Barber turned out they were interviewing music industry expert Judy Stakee whose book The Songwriters Survival Guide we already wanted to promote we tweeted we loved it and were sent a link to an awesome award winning documentary well worth taking time out to view, interesting for all and beneficial for independent musicians. Follow the path and you’ll find great music Marcio Novelli Toronto, Canada you can view more go subscribe on youtube. 

Careless Sons - VIDEO Carbon Dating

lOvE tHiS iNdIe PoP rOcK bAnD great sound lyrics - check them out youtube Carbon Dating

Careless Sons AwEsOmE love all their songs … and available on iTunes

Patrick Doval

Patrick Doval - VIDEO Everywhere She Goes

Awesome Original Fun Love it, hard to compare Patrick Doval lets just say reminds me of a handful of faves all original in their own right it's rock its pop its indie music, it is arty its fun. The video's great too and such a talent Patrick writes, plays, sings, directs and edits hard to choose which video to showcase.

Also really loved an older ‘Don’t Let MeGo’ great video! and then also based on the 1933 King Kong film watch and enjoy via Youtube the artistic ‘Manipulation’ brilliant Patrick Doval – Miami, USA


Courtyards are Matt Riley - vocals, guitar, lyrics. Callum Usher - lead guitar, Luke Allcock - drums, Mort Pavlitski - keys/synth, and Morgan Senior - bass. An awesome Alternative Indie Rock Band out of Huddersfield, UK. They met at uni and formed Courtyards in January 2015 They sound really tight, turn up the music and lose yourself in it. Great job Courtyards keep the music and lyrics coming. Look forward to hearing more.

Follow Courtyards on Soundcloud

The Broxton Hundred

The Broxton Hundred - VIDEO Ghosts

The Broxton Hundred - are Richard Lucas, Gary Yari-Gerrard, Joey Berry and Richard Ormond a British guitar driven, drumming melodious indie rock group busy gigging around London, listen and watch latest single Ghosts on Video

Dirty Music

Dirty Sister - VIDEO Waste My Time With You

Indie Rock duo Dirty Sister based in London. love this their latest single release 'Waste My Time With You' Often playing in and around Shoreditch and Camden areas. But working on a full set so keep an eye on for gigs this summer - check out official Video currently playing here full volume, great lyrics, guitar and vocals check it out real catchy little number

Dirty Sister – Waste My Time With You – Available here on iTunes

A New Nowhere

A New Nowhere - VIDEO You And Me

A New Nowhere - Mark Gregg - Vocals, Guitar, Kev Gregg - Guitar, Martin Hudson - Bass, Jack Wilson - Drums. Out of Newcastle UK we love their sound, energetic, melodic, alternative rock with a dash of fun signed to SoundHub Records. Watch their debut single 'You And Me'

Ilona Sing For You

Ilona - VIDEO Sing For You

Ilona moved to UK from Bulgaria with her mother and was discovered by chance by music producer/composer Tony Moore she formed a 5 piece band of same name and has a beautiful country rock feel her early inspiration being Shania Twain she has been likened to Shania as well as Sheryl Crow and Karen Carpenter but very much has her own feel. Whilst touring in the USA Europe and UK has amazed audiences. Love this track 'Sing For You' it'll give you goosebumps. Co-written with Johnny Reid / Jodi Marr/ Tony Moore. Nashville, TN. Listen out for a new single this October 'Safety Net'

Facing West - VIDEO Sun Comes Up cover Rudimental James Arthur

These two teenage sisters Caitlin and Sidney are so talented originally from Florida now living, writing, playing, recording and performing when they're not busy snow boarding in their stunning setting overlooking Denver, Colorado. They write their own songs and also have some amazing covers on their youtube channel, really love the acoustic covers.

Including Adventure Of A Lifetime – Coldplay and an awesome original Ghost of which there are many too many to choose from check out and follow them on their journey with their Alternative Country Rock Music listen and follow on Soundcloud

Dirty Cakes Band Music

Dirty Cakes - Never Alone - Bandcamp

Check out Dirty Cakes Band love them. Listen to their awesome indie music. Never Alone EP via music link above plus more music. Love this band out of Los Angeles, California. Original awesome rock psychedelic grunge

Chris King Robinson

Chris King Robinson - VIDEO That's The Blue's Man

We've been following the journey of Chris King King since early youtube posts at age 14. An amazing guitarist, one of the best, have a listen and dare to disagree. Gathering further fans and much respect as they toured USA Europe and the UK with band of the same name and more recently adding to the blues feel with vocals, check out website and youtube channel etc. Hard to pick a fave link so here's just one quite appropriate - That's The Blue's Man.

Jordan Jansen

Jordan Jansen - VIDEO Don't Say It's Over

Jordan Jansen is a singer/songwriter based in Australia who started out as a YouTuber we tuned in via Twitter he's been performing since 2007. Check out the YouTube link above a song from his debut EP see more info on website and social channels where he has a mass of followers and fans Jordan's been busy posting hundreds of videos since 2007 this one an original but also sings covers.


Aquilina - Soundcloud

Songs from the heart and soul of South London. Check them out real chill music influenced by jazz, classical, latin, rock, electronica, pop, folk and world! Current quartet Joseph Aquilina, Paul Baker, Samy Bishai, Lenin Alegria.

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