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Being Focused well, this is a blog about that, it’s intended for all ages (except children but please encourage them to focus because one day they will be us).  What does being focused actually mean hmm … here’s a few pointers and tips to achieve it plus a little motivation.

TIP – A good focus challenge is to read a book and be able to fully immerse yourself in it, after reading ask yourself what it was about you could write a review for the author at the same time you will be checking how well you understood it, a bit like taking a reading comprehension test. If you find it difficult to concentrate then set a goal depending on chapter lengths either complete a chapter and then gradually extend until you are reading a couple of chapters (a good book will make this so much easier check our BOOK pages under Lifestyle) if the chapters are long set aside half an hour and extend by 5 – 10 minutes building up your ability to focus on just the book.

This is what Master Google says about; focused – adjective, directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim. …Synonyms: concentrated, concentrating, attentive, absorbedengrossed, fascinated, enthralled, enrapt, rapt, earnest, intense, studious, fixed, steady, steadfastoccupied, preoccupied, wrapped up, alert, watchful, observant

Looking at all those synonyms being focused is the answer to most things, how to get on in life stay focused! Does everyone know what they want to do in life; to be happy, be rich, have a family, travel, achieve fame, live life to the fullest, break the rules, set the rules, write a bucket list. It could be anything related to lifestyle. Plus it all depends on your age and where you’re at right now, let’s use up the synonyms for different stages of life, of course, they can be jiggled around but I’m rapt on writing initial thoughts. 

Children learn to be focused (although learning and attention issues such as ADHD will impact) you can encourage attentive behaviour by being observant allowing them to be engrossed in an activity whilst you remain attentive and alert, a teenager/young adult will either be focused or not and unless they have already gone through the hard part with  steady nurturing you’ll have little influence at this stage they seem fixed in their ideas and occupied with themselves and concentrated only on their chosen guides having the steadfast answers, that’s a possible notion of society but there’s actually more to it as research has shown that there is so much going on in the brain of young adults (even into their late twenties/early thirties) that staying focused is more difficult than we would expect. Then there are the adults with a job/career and living in earnest no worries, preoccupied, they can look out for number one enthralled with life, adults with no job who can be a burden to themselves watchful of their surroundings studious just trying to get out of the circuit they are enrapt in, then you’ve got couples whose outlook could vary from fascinated with running the world to we don’t care what anyone else is doing fully submerged and wrapped up with each other, parents with the intense weight of the world on their shoulders which seemingly never disappears, grandparents absorbed either laughing at life or fuelled with regret, OAPs concentrating on their daily tasks  just to get by.

TIP – Having a tidy place to work, with no distractions will help you focus and allowing yourself time for the activity, whether it’s at work, trying to ignore what is going on around you, at home trying to build your own business in your spare time, or maybe you need to study for an exam. possibly you are just researching ideas. Whatever it is you need space for it, physical space and cognitive space.

Let’s twist the synonyms around and shake it up imagine an elderly patient instead of concentrating on eating their dinner, why not play at being observant they could question what they are eating, why should they settle for something convenient that they may not like, or have ever liked, they should still have a choice and request more, play at being that inner child fixed on what you want what you really fancy for dinner. Some people might perceive this as being difficult but take a look through different eyes, they are actually being focused not difficult, that’s a good thing it’s just harder to focus when you are young and when you are older. This might be of interest The Ageing Brain yes brain deteriorates over time but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing although an ageing brain may have problems with staying focused on one task the brains ability can also use it’s artistic license and find possibly an easier solution to a problem more easier than a younger adult, the same way a child may also find an easier way of doing it … brings me to this one quote, (although it’s not exactly the same) that always brings a giggle … “CHOOSE A LAZY PERSON TO DO A HARD JOB BECAUSE THAT PERSON WILL FIND AN EASY WAY TO DO IT” often attributed to Bill Gates Quote Investigator

TIP – Write a To Do List you could have two lists a long-term list and a short term list, focus on the short term list things to do that day and tick them off once completed, give yourself time out during the day for breaks and if you are working on a computer screen adopt the 20-20-20 rule every twenty minutes, look away twenty feet for twenty seconds to rest your eyes, or get up and walk around you don’t need a coffee every time although that would be nice! Safe Computer Use Government suggests a 5- 10-minute break every 50 -60 minutes if working on screen but this depends on varying circumstances.

DIY Game: Why not play a Be Focused game write all the listed synonyms onto pieces of paper fold and place in a bowl or hat, everyone playing takes a synonym and has to think how to put it to use for themselves, make up a do-able sentence to help you achieve a goal and stay focused on reaching it. If you can’t think of one your forfeit is to name a celebrity the first one that springs to mind whilst reading the synonym and put it back in the hat. The goal is to hold the most synonyms and be on your way to being focused and the winner of the game. (Celebrity names can only be used once, but other than that make your own rules up). Maybe whoever drops out makes the drinks.


Now a bit of Celebrity fun, the first names of celebrities who came to this muddled mind who are currently or very recently in the news over something. Here we go …Synonyms: 

  • Concentrated – Meryl Streep,
  • Concentrating – Johnny Depp,
  • Attentive – Adele,
  • Absorbed – Cheryl and Liam Payne,
  • Engrossed – Will i am,
  • Fascinated – Richard Branson,
  • Enthralled – Leonardo Di Caprio,
  • Enrapt  – Kanye West,
  • Rapt – Snoop Dogg,
  • Earnest  – Hemingway,
  • Intense – Katy Perry,
  • Studious – Ed Sheeran,
  • Fixed – Donald J Trump,
  • Steady – Rihanna,
  • Steadfast – David Beckham,
  • Occupied – Jennifer Lopez,
  • Preoccupied – Drake,
  • Wrapped up – Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik,
  • Alert – Hawaii Attorney General,
  • Watchful – Journalists,
  • Observant – Tom Hanks.

TIP – Exercise and Diet also help with maintaining Focus you’ve no doubt heard it before eat your fruit and vegetables and that’s a great place to start also walk wherever possible, take the stairs etc, etc. Another Blog another time.

If you are keen to learn more about Cognitive disorders you might be interested in this article from Science Daily

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