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Be Ready - Halloween Celebrations Tuesday 31 October 2017

Halloween Eyes

Halloween a great excuse to throw a party, plan a night out and have some fun dressing up it’s great for children and adults alike and there’s no better time in the year for fancy dress, with top celebrities throwing parties and joining in with the celebrations. We’ve highlighted a few looks available via our affiliates (we earn a small commission if you use our links to their website) we’ve also highlighted decorations and have loads more for inspiration including DIY ideas, food recipes and make-up on our Halloween Pinterest board see at the end of Blog. Have Fun

Red Plastic Dress

Ooh, this one sizzles - be a devil in tight stretch fit red vinyl with scooping low back also in black, add a choker and devil horns or vamp it up with a touch of blood red lipstick smeared down your chin. Dramatic but high fashion - wear it if you dare. Check link for on point dresses. We will update to more and new specific dresses for next halloween.

Halloween Teeth Tee Shirt Dress

Black T-Shirt dress you could get away with wearing this outside of Halloween. An eye-catching set of white fangs printed on a comfortable fit T-Shirt Dress. Check MissGuided link for similar styles.

Trick ot Treat Tee

Cute Black Trick or Treat Tee add to your everyday wardrobe for a fun run up to Halloween a T-Shirts not just for Halloween! Have fun walking around town or wearing at the office keep a bag of sweet treats for all those bold comments that you might anticipate receiving. Check link for alternative tees.

Another great place for your Halloween Costume Ideas some stunning looks to get that ghoul and ghost theme without the ghastly we love the prices too, find fun accessories and party pieces as well as children’s costumes, plus sizes and boohoo Man has got your perfect Halloween party clothes we love the fun you could have in these we handpicked to showcase love the skeleton stockings, the skeleton jumpsuit would be flattering as well as on theme with speedy delivery something for everyone via boohoo SHOP HERE boohoo Halloween Collection 

Halloween Black Kitty Cat Eye Jumpsuit
Halloween Kitty Cat Eye Jumpsuit via boohoo SOLD OUT

Have fun wearing a cute black cat eye jumpsuit. Be on theme but not over the top and still recognizable. Wear a skirt over the jumpsuit during the day and be ready for night at the blink of a cat-eye. Shop via boohoo £20 now £8

Halloween Skeleton Jumpsuit
Halloween Tall Skeleton Jumpsuit via boohoo SOLD OUT

Be a little more daring, we like this one too. Just enough scare in a skeleton jumpsuit you could wear as is or layer up to keep warm. Add a baggy off the shoulder holey-knitted jumper or ragged sweatshirt. Add a netting skirt also similar print available as leggings or a midi dress via boohoo £20 now £8

Halloween Mens T Shirt Scary Pumpkin face on black

boohoo Man - Need a quick fix outfit for Halloween. Add a black scary face tee to some ripped jeans. Plus a little makeup Alternatively rip up an old shirt and let your imagination run wild. We like the less scary approach and a comfortable but cute Scary face T-Shirt currently unavailable.

Halloween Theme Gifts Decorations

If you’re looking for decorations then really love the fancy bowls and keepsakes at TK Maxx. We’ve shown Cream Skeleton Wine Bottle Holder. Ten Eye-Ball String Lights. Turquoise Sequin Embellished Masquerade Mask. Black Da Of The Dead Wall Sign. Black Jack-O-Lantern. White Skull Couple Snow Globe. White Day Of The Dead Light-Up Skull. Worth a look before they sell out might just make the table look that little bit special. They also have other beautiful masks, fun witches and children’s outfits. We have updated link to gifts for new home which has some unique ideas for year round home accessories. See more here via  TK Maxx Home Gift Shop.

Not found any inspiration or looking for a more traditional  fancy dress costume check out Amazon they’re bound to point you in the right direction if we didn’t find what you needed you can also use our affiliate link if you choose here HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING via Amazon SHOP HERE AMAZON Halloween Store 

Still searching, don’t forget ebay it’s also full of little shops and you’ll be able to hunt down all the things you’re looking for they have great decorations on this link some fun party things here’s our affiliate link via ebay SHOP HERE ebay Halloween Shop

If you’re taking part this Halloween by handing out treats you should place a pumpkin whether real or a plastic pumpkin lantern in a window visible to the street. A clear sign that you will answer the door. So bear that in mind too, if you’re knocking on doors don’t bang on all the doors in the street! Some people are happy to hand out sweets but others disagree with it all. So look for houses that are decorated, showing a pumpkin or sometimes leave a few treats outside. That means help yourself and is also a polite way to say ‘please do not disturb.’ That way you’ll not upset anyone. This Wikipedia link below is interesting so it wasn’t the USA that started it all maybe they were more responsible for the commercialization, which many of us now get to enjoy. Mostly in UK people give out sweets a few will give money. Personally, disagree with dishing out money,  it should be for fun enjoying dressing up. Let the children trick or treat with an adult to keep safe, it’s not really for teenagers. As that makes it uncomfortable for others wondering who is banging on their door at night. They are not sure what to give, if they want sweets or expect money. So alternatively, why not have a get together with friends and explore a few traditional games instead with sweet treats and forfeits – such as ‘Bobbing for Apples’  where apples are placed in a large bowl/bucket of water. The apples will float and the idea is to grab an apple with only your mouth/teeth, keep your hands behind your back. It’s a bit disgusting and a bit tricky. So forfeit enough must be winning/getting the apple after everyone’s been attacking it with their teeth! So maybe the prize could be a toffee-apple (that most definitely hasn’t been dunked!) If you get to play – HAVE FUN.

Halloween Pinterest Board

If you're planning to celebrate this Halloween get a head start now. Whether it's a children's or adult party you're planning or attending. Get your thinking cap on now. Take inspiration from our Halloween Pinterest board we've added make-up, food and much more. We've included some fun stuff from costume ideas, home decorating, make-up to spooky recipes. For home decorations start gathering DIY items like cardboard, paint, string, bandages or strips of fabric. You can make decorations for next to nothing by using things you would normally recycle. Let your imagination run wild. Then depending on how much space you have to decorate you can decide what to place where. For children make it more on the fun side, you don't want to give them nightmares. Then for adults don't forget to make the bathroom spooky you don't want them staying in there too long. You could store the alcohol bottles in an ice bath and cover in fake cobwebs to deter them from consuming too much. HAVE FUN.

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