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Dyson The Supersonic Hairdryer is it a worthy investment?

Boots Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Sliver and Fuschia

Take a look at the design it's rather stunning beside being practical and easy to take with you if you travel a lot. Dyson put a lot of money and time into the Supersonic design apparently four years and a hefty £50 million creating something worthy of the Supersonic title, 'The hair dryer re-thought' a more subtle sounding dryer due to acoustic silencers, which dries in approximately half the time of your standard hairdryer or less (time is money), the genius is the motor sits inside the handle - engineered for balance. Kinder to your hair by constant measuring and controlling the heat distribution thus reducing damage. It comes equipped with three easy to apply magnetic attachments for; drying whilst smoothing out, a more precise area styling nozzle (that doesn't mess up the area that's already fixed) and a diffuser to help define locks and take the frizz element away. Also, comes with a non-slip heatproof mat and a storage hanger. Check out styling tips for Supersonic's use on link. So a worthwhile investment, you might still be unsure, check out here lots more questions answered and reviews to read. Currently on sale for £299 but worth considering if you purchase via Boots (click and collect if you like) you will earn an amazing amount of Boots points. At the point of adding you'll get triple points if ordered online check to see if still available on this same link to the Boots - Dyson Supersonic page If you have been collecting you'll need 29,999 to purchase! If you don't have a Boots Points card be sure to sign up for one, see the top of their web page DYSON Supersonic SHOP HERE available in Silver or Silver with Fuschia £299.99

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Price On Amazon from £388.39  as at 8 June 2017 Low Stock

We love the TANGLE TEEZER brushes have the original purple one here it really wades through the tangles without tears, including bush like wind swept hair and quickly leaves hair manageable and silky, ideal but not limited to long hair, be perfect for kids hair too, it fits in your hand and really glides through the tangles effortlessly,  it's easy to clean and long lasting now available in other colours and styles also Disney Princess releases. FYI this product is one that got away - a reject from the 'Dragons Den' Oops. via Boots SHOP HERE

Tangle Teezer detangling brushTangle Teezer detangling Brush Disney Frozen design

Tangle Teezer Compact On The Go Gold Rush BrushTangle Teezer Compact Brush on the go Markus Lupfer design

Another Great Hair Product

Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark Tint
Batiste Dry Shampoo but this one has a hint of colour we love it choose from three shades a Light and Blonde, Medium and Brunette, Dark and Deep Brown which is the one tested here. Use like a normal dry shampoo spray onto dry hair massage in, it works really well blending in your roots if you're in dire need of a touch up, also hides/covers grey! If you get it on your clothes it will wash out with a little soap it really refreshes your hair but the hint of colour is absolutely brilliant often on offer three for two Boots offer if you check it out below cost £3.99 for a 200ml we recommend that you try it ... it's not a permanent fix but great for emergencies and inbetween weeks.

 A hair cheat we discovered on a bad day when you just don't have time to wash your hair, and you've no dry shampoo left use antiperspirant deodorant works the same just spray where you need it  the most (don't use a roll-on lol) usually the roots massage in, brush hair through and there you have clean feeling, fresh smelling hair in an instant.

General Hair Tips

To prevent breakage when drying hair try to blot first with a towel, do not over rub hair this can cause breakage, as can using a brush on wet hair, avoid brushing your hair until almost dry. First de tangle hair with a wide toothed comb, failing that a vent brush. For extra care you could use a de tangling spray. At night leave hair down if possible as hair bands can cause breakage especially the ones with a metal clasp on them. Best wear hair down and using a soft smooth satin pillowcase will keep your locks in tip top condition, as other pillowcases can catch the hair and cause some friction and possible breakage.

Give your hair extra shine after shampooing and conditioning use cool water as a final rinse to seal the cuticle and give your hair more chance to shine.
For fine hair, to maximise volume and still add shine, add conditioner to the ends and mid-shaft of hair you don't need to condition roots. The roots will have more natural oil and need less moisture.
To add volume avoid heavy conditioner which will weigh your hair down. Use mousse for volume, choose mousse labeled lightweight, bodifying - to get the volume and lift you desire. Apply mousse to damp hair and continue to dry hair with head upside down for maximum volume, not the whole drying time you can move in and out, or up and down really this technique aids drying underneath for thick hair if you're lucky enough to face that problem! Don't worry it will relax when you've been upright a few moments. Also a good trick to boost volume during night out, tip head upside down and run fingers through your hair gently teasing, back combing the roots for an instant volume pick me up.
There are also root boosting sprays available which you spray on then lift hair at the roots whilst drying, you can try a round brush but be careful not to get tangled up just lift and dry.
Once happy with look use a finishing hair spray to lock in body.


£19.99 SHOP HERE via Amazon
If you've tried and loved the original Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler (above) a clipless curling iron for awesome corksrew curls that can last a few days, we have them here and prior to that a painstakingly *DIY hair fix with a similar  effect from chopsticks, styling products and a hair straightening tool so bear in mind it can be done, you could try it with chopsticks and see if you love the look before buying a tool which does make it a little easier and less time consuming it can take a couple of hours but that's with a mass of hair, you might be pleased to know there is a newer model the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Ultra Long Chopstick Styler which comes free with a heat proof mat and protection glove - that you really need. The new model has a 40% longer barrel perfect for even the longest of hair for a more tight knit curl, and the Argan oil infused ceramic barrel helps creates conditioned, soft and shinier curls.

From £36.00 SHOP HERE via Amazon

*DIY Chopstick Curls you need a lot of patience, or love playing with hair maybe you can get a friend to assist and speed things up but you can get a great effect using chopsticks, first apply a protecting spray to your hair, comb it through and sort into sections, by first halving your hair down the middle centre parting and loosely tie one section to the side, then split the other section into top and bottom loosely tie the top half out of the way on top of your head until ready then take small sections starting at the base of your hairline wrap from close to the scalp down towards the ends, wrap around the thicker end of a wooden chopstick first wrapping and winding towards the thinner end, hold the hair in place at the tip and carefully run a hair straightening tool along the hair keeping it moving up and down for up to 15 seconds, (try 10 seconds first) remove the chopstick and check if you got a good tight curl, carry on working through small sections of your hair probably easier to finish the bottom half first, then move onto the top of your head  the more sections the tighter the curl. You also really need to watch your fingers, wear protecting gloves, you've gone to all that trouble getting your hair right - who wants blistered fingers. After you have gone over all the sections apply a hairspray to hold the curls for longer. You can even sleep on them and they will still be around in the morning, use a little dry shampoo as a pick me up if you need it and want the curls to last a couple more days. Have fun - if you love the look then suggest invest in the wand, it's actually a good price compared to many styling tools and then have more time to enjoy yourself.

Need some straighteners these are on offer and we do have these here along with other brands too, we found they heat up quickly heating up to 230c they have the latest ceramic plate technology, locking in moisture which helps to keep your hair smooth. We recommend Nicky Clarke's DesireStraighteners great price at the moment too they look nice if you like deep metallic red, they do tend to get a little hot to handle if you are using over a long period of time. But other than that we love them ... (make sure to protect your hair with a styling protector spray or mousse)  Nice Discount at the moment don't wait ... RRP £79.99 currently £24.99 (FREE UK Shipping) SHOP HERE via Amazon



Why not pick up the hairdryer at the same time we have it here, have had no issues with it for a few years already quite a powerful 2000w hairdryer, key points apart from its appearance beautiful deep shiny desirable red (hence DesiRED) the dryer has a nice and helpful long 3m cord, so you are not tied to the wall, you can usually find a way to look in a mirror with a bit more ease than what happens with some dryers (worth noting if shopping around) The hair dryer has 3 way heat selection, cool, medium and (very) hot there is also a 'cool shot' button a nice feature if you wish to have extra bit of help setting your style. The hair dryer also has a hanging loop if you have a fancy dressing area that's a nice touch. RRP £39.99 currently £35.00 plus FREE UK Shipping SHOP HERE via Amazon

Great gift idea GHD straighteners
Girls love their GHD's and swear buy them check out now if you want as they sell out quickly being number one best sellers for straightening your hair the fast efficient way you can check the link for reviews too. We think this is the ideal gift but don't wait around as they sell out quickly we love the new GHD V Gold Max Styler for a professional looking finish, they are easy to use and speedy, quite light to hold and cooler too but you'll still need to protect your hair and fingers from the heat and also the surface where you place them so don't forget to pick up a heat-free mat, gloves and a heat protection spray. £119 FREE UK Shipping SHOP HERE via Amazon