Fun Original Stuff

Fun and Original Stuff

Fun and Original Stuff

Laughter is good for you so we searched for some fun original stuff and great gift ideas on the fun side.  We hope we’ve uncovered something to make you smile.  Whether you are looking or shopping for a gift for whatever reason or self-treat. Check back from time to time and check our other pages for fashion, beauty, lifestyle gifts we’re full of inspiration and luxury treats. 
This page last updated 22 April 2019 

Original Gift Ideas on the Fun Side

Fun Gift Idea Mugs

SHOP HERE Little Miss Selfie Mug £6.99

Cute Mug for a Little Miss Selfie lover shop original via Truffleshuffle

Fun Ways To Explore and Feel Great

Fun and Original Stuff

SHOP HERE Up The O2 Climb Expreience for Two £72

Imagine the view 'Up The O2' breathtaking experience in Greenwich, London for two. An urban mountaineering experience lasting ninety minutes (arrive fifteen minutes ahead of time) including a safety pre-video and climbing gear supplied. Information and any restrictions are clearly stated on link via RED LETTER DAYS

SHOP HERE Indoor Skydiving Experiences

Grab this true freefall sensation and enjoy a skydiving experience from the safety of the indoors, who knows it may lead you to take the next step! via RED LETTER DAYS

Fun and Original Stuff

SHOP HERE Tandem Skydiving Experience For 2 £540

Whoosh, so are you ready for a tandem skydiving experience. Strapped (the whole time) to an experienced instructor after approximately an hour of skydiving and landing techniques. Tip do not buy this as a gift unless you are sure they will appreciate it! If in doubt do a test drive gift see above link. Ten months to book. Restrictions and more information on link via RED LETTER DAYS

Movie Lovers

Fun Stuff 100 Movies Bucket List

SHOP HERE TruffleShuffle £12.99

Love this for movie buffs a great gift idea 100 Movies Bucket list includes Rocky, Jurassic Park, The Shining, Mean Girls and obviously many more. Huge range of years and genre, scratch off the box when you have watched the film to reveal related imagery. Poster measures H 60cm, L 42cm delivered in a gift tube.

ROCKY Collectible Art and Books

SHOP HERE TASCHEN Books £650 Limited Edition

Limited edition ROCKY - The Complete Films. Each of the 2,000 signed copies (first 50 are not included on this offer) in this impressive box includes a print of Sylvester Stallone's painting 'Finding Rocky' from 1975 completed before writing the script. Also includes copies of Sylvester Stallone's notes, dialogue ideas plus the unused ending prior to the making of the award winning 'Rocky' film including Academy's best picture 1976. An amazing story of the full Rocky movie franchise including Creed 2015. Photo from TASCHEN, Beverly Hills, VIP Event celebrating the launch December 11.

Rocky The Complete Films Art Collection Edition

SHOP HERE TASCHEN £4,500 Special Limited Art Editions

First 25 SOLD OUT other special ART Editions 25 - 50 check availability here

Collectable Games and Pop Art Legend

Andy Warhol Campbells Soup Chess Set

SHOP HERE Andy Warhol Campbells Chess Set via Kidrobot x AndyWarhol Foundation USD $500

We love this fun Andy Warhol chess set. What a fun statement piece. Together Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation have created the collectable and playable Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can Chess Set. Featureing Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans as chess pieces on a pop art coloured chess board complete with felt accents. Each vinyl 3-inch Campbells soup can is labelled and printed on top with its corresponding piece. Shop this collectable and interactive art piece here. Worldwide shipping available via Kidrobot

Kidrobot offer worldwide shipping 🙂

New Collectibles Series 2

SHOP HERE Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can Mystery Gifts $14.99 Shipping Worldwide

Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can mini-series 2 via Kidrobot each can contain a surprise either a plush toy or a mystery vinyl item. Collectable limited edition $14.99 per can. To order a case pack order 24 cans. More images on the link.

Yummy World Plush Cushion

Fun stuff Kidrobot Yummy World Large Plush Fries Cushion

SHOP HERE Yummy World Large Plush Fries $29.99

Collectibles and More Fun How Cute What A Great Gift Idea - Cuddle Up To Some Plush Fries, from Yummy World Huggable, Removable, Velcroable 16" High bit of comfort. Fernando The Fries via Kidrobot ships worldwide from USA (other Yummy Foods Available including a pizza slice)


Fun and Original Stuff


Woodstock Zambon IT a new affiliate of ours we love their products. Appropriate for this page a fun gift or personal treat to design your own watch. Get creative add text, add art or upload an image you own copyright for. Maybe your logo or a pet or child's drawing. You own it upload it and get creative. They also have some beautiful and stylish designs, that you can see on the link plus added to our accessories pages. Shipped worldwide via Italy


Woodstock Zambon IT Love this watch perfect for those with a sense of humour. We all know someone that this would be a perfect gift for. This is the men's ultra-slim design edition but more on the link. Available as is or add a leather strap. Shipped worldwide via Italy

DC Comics Fun and Original Stuff

Deadpool Welcome Mat

SHOP HERE Truffle Shuffle DC Comics Deadpool Entrance Mat £14.99

Welcome to a load of fun we love the Marvel Comics Deadpool mat perfect for the man cave and other fun original and many exclusive bits of cool stuff via Truffle Shuffle est 2004 (they ship worldwide and have different inexpensive shipping options)

Fun and Original Stuff - Hilarious Tees and Hoodies

Independent Tees

SHOP HERE I Speak Four Languages TShirt £16.99

I Speak Four Languages T-Shirt - English, Profanity, Sarcasm and Shit. Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Royal Blue or Olive Green. Also available as a hoody.

Fun and Original Stuff on wheels

Tony Hawk Skateboard

SHOP HERE SkateHut Tony Hawk 360 Series

Grab a Skateboard and head off to one of the many skateboard areas now available. We picked an entry level skateboard to highlight but there are so many to choose from. Here's the Tony Hawk 360 Series perfect for youngsters who are especially attracted to the sport possibly being inspired by Tony Hawk himself or from watching older kids at skateparks.

SHOP HERE Amazon Rolling Stones Vinyl Double LP

Music Gift Ideas or Personal Treats Rolling Stones and why not - The Studio Album Blue & Lonesome via Amazon

Fun and Original

SHOP HERE Amazon Soundmaster

Great original gift idea for music lovers. Turntable with FM radio and USB encoding. Enables vinyl to digital. Shop via Amazon

DIY Fun and Original Stuff Photograph Ideas

Photograph DIY Ideas

Make a calendar with a photograph you can send away many companies offer this product or DIY if you have access to a laminator. Choose a selection of photographs or enlarge a favourite picture staple a small calendar to the base you can usually get them in card or stationary shops add ribbon to hang at the top, you’ll be remembered all year especially if you’re in one of the pictures squeeze in a selfie to make them smile or cringe haha.. How good is the relationship this gift might tell you! You could even get fancy by adding a message they’ll love it.

If you’re not that DIY you can get a fun original gift made in many photography shops and online. You just supply the photographs. You’ve still got time to get snapping…

DIY Gifts - Hampers

Chocolate, Sweets, DIY Hampers
You can do this for any special occasion Valentines Day Mothers Day Fathers Day Birthdays any excuse… a personalised hamper DIY style or get one made/sent (links below and above USA) if you have money more than time…

What you gonna find for that cool dude in your life
stuck for a giftidea think of a neccessity then top up with chocolate and beer and you’re sorted. It’s got to be UK chocolate though guys we definitely have the better here in UK sorry opinion only …debate on twitter if you like… we have Hotel Chocolate, Cadbury we named our Marathon after your Snicker bar who knows why we can get Hersheys Kisses over here at a price but they only sound good taste NAH… look even Buzzfeed agrees… haha
Seriously buy a nice tin box a cake tin size you can get them in pound shops and fill with the best here’s a list available in UK that we’d add Crunchie, Caramac, Galaxy, Dairy Milk (all versions) Cadbury Buttons, Bounty dark and milk chocolate, Milky Bar (all kids love that white chocolate) Mars, Milky Way, Minstrels, Snicker, Asda Smart price milk choloate (it’s lovely) scrunch up in tissue paper maybe christmas confetti you’ll be a favourite ’til it’s all gone …perfect

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

SHOP HERE Amazon Cards Against Humanity Series 1 £25 UK Edition (Free UK Delivery)

These are really BADASS and could get you in a whole lot of trouble ... double the warning level WARNING! Have you heard about the latest card game craze brings out the worst in you haha check out the seriously awesome reviews don't be last to try introducing it to your mates...This card game has RAVE reviews for age group 17 years plus! Including people who don't normally play cards, quite a party game and suggested the more the merrier also if you want to add more rules like shots or money! on your head be it, but suggested no looking back great gift idea if you're not planning a party any sooner have a look you might opt for the extension pack too... continued #1 Best Seller.

We think you enjoyed the Fun Original Stuff you might not want to miss the tech stuff and gadgets page. Or have more Fun checking your key traits and celebrity buddies on the fashion forecast horoscope pages Men’s –  Women’s.