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Nandos Foodie Gift Ideas

SHOP HERE 3 for 2 Boots Food Gift Ideas

Things for foodies who like hot stuff we shopped Boots 3 for 2 Christmas offer and picked Nando's Dipping Dishes £12.50, Nando's Trio Caddy includes Peri Peri Sauces- Garlic, XX Hot and Hot for £12.50 plus the Nando's Sizzle for £18.50 but you'd only pay for the two most expensive mix and match link to the food gift idea page for lots more fun ideas.

Sourced By Oxfam Worry Dolls/People Original recycled Sari Bunting and Hot Chocolate Melting Spoon Set Gift Ideas

SHOP HERE Oxfam Sourced by Oxfam and Ethical Gift Guide

We love the idea of buying a gift from Oxfam they source ethical gifts and products we've linked to the main Christmas Charity and Ethical Gift Guide so you can get personally inspired 'Each heart-melting discovery will bring unexpected hope to those most in need this Christmas.' There are cute stocking fillers love the Friendship and Worry Doll Bags have the worry dolls here they have been a longtime family favourite and great to be able to purchase via Oxfam (£1.99) a perfect meaningful inexpensive gift - also love the sourced by Oxfam organic Hot Chocolate Spoon set (£4.99) a set of three that melt into your hot drink great novelty gift another favourite is the recycled Sari bunting perfect to decorate a room for any occasion and for a hippy chic year-round style too, each one individual (£9.99) but there are lots more including pre-owned ideas and charity giving gifts have a look we think you'll be flabbergasted.

Oxfam Recycled Sari Bunting

SHOP HERE Oxfam Recycled Sari Bunting £9.99

One of our favourites mentioned above is the recycled Sari bunting gorgeous each one individual hand-made and unique measures H25 L192 cm perfect to decorate a room for any occasion and for a hippy chic year-round style too, each one individual Sourced by Oxfam via Gopolas in western India, sari bunting is handmade using recycled fabric. 'Gopolas aims to work as a platform for Indian artists and uneducated craftspeople who are in need of work, and tries to keep traditional skills alive through its products.'

Oxfam Sourced By Oxfam Worry Dolls

SHOP HERE Sourced by Oxfam Guatemalan Worry People/Dolls £1.99

Another of our favourites mentioned above is the cute bag of Guatemalan worry people/dolls. Oxfam also sourced Friendship Dolls available on the first link or search on this one. They make a perfect little gift or stocking filler although not suitable for children under 36 months teenagers and adults will appreciate this bag of seven tiny dolls handmade from paper and fabric in Guatemala 'the story goes that if you put a worry doll under your pillow at night, it will take all of your worries away!' We have then here :)(Source - The Mayan People are committed to improving the lives and communities of their artisans. They fund projects in the rural communities of Lake Atitlan where many of their artisans work.)

Oxfam Sourced By Oxfam Hot Chocolate Spoon SEt

SHOP HERE Sourced by Oxfam Hot Chocolate Spoon Set £4.99

Another of our favourites mentioned above is the set of three hot chocolate spoons 90G made from organic dark, milk and white chocolate. Place your spoon into a cup of hot milk and stir unil the chocolate melts and presents you the gift of a delicious hot chocolate drink.Made in the UK via Cocoa Loco a Great British business operating from the Chocolate Barn, West Sussex. Handmade by skilled choclatiers in small batches, working Fairtrade single origin and organic.

Fun Offensive Mugs Gift Ideas

SHOP HERE Irritable Owl Syndrome Mug £9.99

Well this mug speaks for itself the Irritable Owl Syndrome Mug via Shot Dead In The Head £9.99

Shot Dead in The Head - they also have stickers available, good quality t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Including a softer but still really funny kids range. Something for everyone, we cannot recommend this website enough, once you visit you'll be gone a while so please remember us. We've added some of our faves but they have thousands. If they get your creative juices running you can even email them an idea, if they really like it, they'll test it out, if they get orders you'll make commission on each sale. Must be your idea don't pinch any of ours ha ha. We're about to submit one actually. Watch this space ...

Bear Oven Gloves

SHOP HERE Amazon Designer Bear Oven Gloves £13.90

Fun novelty gift for the cook who has everything or a nice student gift for their home away f0om home! Designer Bear Oven Gloves 2017 model with left and right hand for more comfort and better grip made from special insulating cotton and heat-resistant silicone pads via Amazon £13.90

Cockney Rhyming Slang Apron

SHOP HERE Amazon Cockney Rhyming Slang Apron £15

Handmade by Victoria Egg get your apples and pairs and your rosey lee where's the Sunday roast Fun Apron shown in orange also in blue via Amazon currently from £15

Chocolate, Sweets, DIY Hampers
You can do this for any special occasion Valentines Day Mothers Day Fathers Day Birthdays any excuse... a personalised hamper DIY style or get one made/sent (links below and above USA) if you have money more than time...

What you gonna find for that cool dude in your life
stuck for a giftidea think of a neccessity then top up with chocolate and beer and you're sorted. It's got to be UK chocolate though guys we definitely have the better here in UK sorry opinion only ...debate on twitter if you like... we have Hotel Chocolate, Cadbury we named our Marathon after your Snicker bar who knows why we can get Hersheys Kisses over here at a price but they only sound good taste NAH... look even Buzzfeed agrees... haha
Seriously buy a nice tin box a cake tin size you can get them in pound shops and fill with the best here's a list available in UK that we'd add Crunchie, Caramac, Galaxy, Dairy Milk (all versions) Cadbury Buttons, Bounty dark and milk chocolate, Milky Bar (all kids love that white chocolate) Mars, Milky Way, Minstrels, Snicker, Asda Smart price milk choloate (it's lovely) scrunch up in tissue paper maybe christmas confetti you'll be a favourite 'til it's all gone ...perfect

Truffle Shuffle Welcome To The Batcave Welcome Mat

SHOP HERE Truffle Shuffle DC Comics Batman Entrance Mat £15.99

Welcome To The Batcave Wow what an entrance you could make or perfect for the man cave via Truffle Shuffle est 2004 (they ship worldwide and have different inexpensive shipping options)

Hot Pink Dog Leash

SHOP HERE Capturing Couture US Shipping SALE $32

Love, love, love this girly organza dog lead/leash made proudly in the USA (and sadly shipped only in the USA) Gorgeous in hot pink but an array of opulent colours available 1.5" x 55" long has a useful D-ring made from premium nylon webbing for ultimate durability and the prettiest of pooches.

DC Comics Batman Rubber Duck

SHOP HERE Truffle Shuffle DC Comics Duck £5.99

Popular DC Comics fun Batman Duck 100% official Merchandise boxed rubber duck in Batman costume measures approx 9.5 cm height via Truffle Shuffle £5.99

Truffle Shuffle DC Shot Glasses

SHOP HERE Truffle Shuffle DC Comics Shot Glasses £9.99

DC Comics set of four shot glasses Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern logos - great gift idea presented in a DC Comics gift box 100% Official merchandise via Truffle Shuffle £9.99

Batman Travel Mug

SHOP HERE Truffle Shuffle DC Comics Batman Travel Mug £12.99

DC Comics Batman embossed rubber finish Travel Mug perfect for coffee or tea on the go Silver stainless steel with black silicone sleeve Boxed so makes a cool gift 100% Official merchandise via Truffle Shuffle £12.99

Fun stuff Kidrobot Yummy World Large Plush Fries Cushion

SHOP HERE Yummy World Large Plush Fries $29.99

Collectibles and More FunHow Cute What A Great Gift Idea - Cuddle Up To Some Plush Fries, from Yummy World Huggable, Removable, Velcroable 16" High bit of comfort. Via Kidrobot ships worldwide from USA (other Yummy Foods Available including a pizza slice)

Tony Hawk Skateboard

SHOP HERE SkateHut Tony Hawk 360 Series

Grab a Skateboard and head off to one of the many skateboard areas now available we picked an entry level skateboard to highlight but there are so many to choose from here's the Tony Hawk 360 Series perfect for youngsters who are especially attracted to the sport possibly being inspired by Tony Hawk himself or from watching older kids at skateparks.

Amazon The Rolling Stones Blue and Lonesome Album

SHOP HERE Amazon Rolling Stones

Music Gift Ideas or Personal Treats Rolling Stones and why not - The Studio Album Blue & Lonesome via Amazon

Kate Bush Before The Dawn

SHOP HERE Amazon Kate Bush

Kate Bush Box Set - Before The Dawn on Amazon Before The Dawn is a three CD Box Set recording from August 2014 London Hammersmith Shows, which went on sale in March 2014 to sell out demand seven more dates were immediately added to the fourteen shows which all sold out within fifteen minutes. There are a lot of Kate Bush fans out there old and new and this was her first live shows since 1979 where she rocked the pop world and gifted an unforgettable voice and presence to the stage if you were a fan then, despite the reclusiveness of Kate Bush for all these years once a fan always a fan. The recordings have been produced by Kate Bush all original and no over-dubbing and include Hounds Of Love, Running Up That Hill, a spoken monologue - Astronomer's Call, Dream Of Sheep, Among Angels and a whole lot more. Also available on vinyl and as a download. A gift for inspired music and art lovers a little piece of our brilliant UK music visionary history - Thanks to Kate Bush.

Cards Against Humanity

SHOP HERE Amazon Cards Against Humanity Series 1 £20

These are really BADASS and could get you in a whole lot of trouble ... double the warning levelWARNING! Have you heard about the latest card game craze brings out the worst in you haha check out the seriously awesome reviews don't be last to try introduce it to your mates...This card game has RAVE reviews for age group 17 years plus! Including people who don't normally play cards, quite a party game and suggested the more the merrier also if you want to add more rules like shots or money! on your head be it, but suggested no looking back great gift idea if you're not planning a party any sooner have a look you might opt for the extension pack too... continued #1 Best Seller

Photograph DIY Ideas

Make a calendar with a photograph you can send away many companies offer this product or diy if you have access to a laminator choose a selection of photographs or enlarge a favourite picture staple a small calendar to the base you can usually get them in card or stationary shops add ribbon to hang at the top, you'll be remembered all year especially if you're in one of the pictures squeeze in a selfie to make them smile or cringe good is the relationship this gift might tell you! You could even get fancy by adding a message they'll love it. If you're not that DIY you can get made in many photography shops and on-line you just supply the photographs. You've still got time to get snapping...