Prom Dresses, Style Tips 2018

Prom Dresses Style

Prom Fashion Style 2018

Updated 3 October 2018 – Clothing and Accessories added for upcoming holiday party season. It’s that time of year when you’re wondering what to wear to prom (or party), we’re here to help by bringing some inspiration and sharing our favourite discoveries. Whether you want to blend in or stand out we’ve got you covered. Prom 2018 here we come. Once you’ve decided on a prom dress style, you’ll want to think about the accessories, footwear, a bag,  makeup, hair and nails. Where to get ready if you are getting ready with your friends, is there an older sister who can help with hair and makeup, are there items you can share on the day and things not to forget. Write a list of things to do and things you’ll need. Many hair salons take prom bookings for hair, makeup and nails but if that is not in your budget you had better have a practice beforehand. Choose nail colours ahead of time, think about using a bronzer. Then you can start planning how to get to your prom’s location. (Remember when planning – never trust British weather). It’s never ending but a great celebration to look forward to and remember as you celebrate the end of an era whether it’s completing exams or finishing school, enjoy it with your friends and school community.

Please note any links we have to retailers websites are affiliate links we earn commission for sending you should you make a purchase after directly using our link to theirs on this page. Thank you.

Can You Rock These Prom Dresses

First up we found lots to report via TK Maxx long flowing formal styles, but still on point. Our top six picks have a luxurious feel.  Dare to wear flats not heels, check the dress code but flats can be just as adorable and a comfortable option.  But that will also depend on the dress hem and length, maybe wear a heel and rest your feet at every given opportunity. 

Prom and Party Dresses
MARINA Red Glitter Maxi Dress via TK Maxx £49.99 Sizes 10 - 20
SHOP HERE Black Elena Maxi Dress £69.99 via TK Maxx Sizes 4 - 16
Gold Silver Metallic Block Gown TK Maxx.
SHOP HERE BCBG MAX AZRIA Gold & Silver Block Gown £99.99 via TK Maxx Sizes 8 - 14

Bags Glorious Bags

Don’t forget a beautiful little bag to stash your phone, lipstick, money and maybe flat folding shoes! Or a slightly larger bag to hold fancy slides. We’re not joking! 

Lulu Guiness Abstract Face Box Clutch Bag
SHOP HERE Lulu Guiness Abstract Face Clutch Bag £62 TK Maxx RRP £295 LAST ONE
Women's Accessories
SHOP HERE Emporio Armani Rose Gold Clutch Bag NOW £88 TK Maxx RRP £220
Women's Accessories
SHOP HERE Emporio Armani Silver Clutch Bag NOW £88 TK Maxx RRP £220

Shopping for Prom Shoes

Shop  here TK Maxx heels as they move fast 

Don't forget your make-up

What a girl needs – Our top pick is the Bad Gal Mascara if you’ve tried the They’re Real then you’ll also love the upgrade with a real flexible brush giving lashings of long thick lashes check out at benefit cosmetics 


Benefit NEW IN Happy Blur Foundation £25.50
a light-medium coverage liquid foundation SPF 15 PA+++



Makeup Cosmetics BADgalBANG Mascara
BADgal BANG! BIGGER, BADDER LASHES awesome must-have for £21.50
Benefit Cosmetics PORE minimizing makeyup
Pore Minimising Makeup Apply Under Or Over Makeup Great for Touch-ups £26
They're Real Double The Lip - Flame Game a fiery tone £17
The PORE Fessional Pearl Primer, Soft-Radiance Primer Minimises the Look of Pores £27.50
Hello Flawless Foundation
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation with SPF 25 £30
Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil Just Fill and Shape £20.50

A Slight Alternative Prom Dress Style and Very Wear Me Again

We found a few alternative styles at Missguided that still meet the maxi length dress code. Also, double up for a wedding or special occasion.  Plus a couple we couldn’t resist adding with that edgy look. Definitely purchases for more than one night if that’s what you’re looking for. Missguided also offers a return to store policy. See our link for extra information and delivery options.

Prom and Party Dresses
Peace + Love Black Bandage Fringe Dress £100 Missguided Sizes 4 - 14
Prom and Party Dresses
Grey Bandeau Split Front Dress £25 Missguided Sizes 6 - 14
Fashion Style Prom Dresses
White Dobby Button Down Maxi Dress £30 NOW £21 Missguided Sizes 4 - 16
Peace + Love Bonded Navy Satin Maxi Dress £130 NOW £65 Missguided Sizes 6 - 14
Prom Dresses
Nude Sequin Bandeau ChiffonSplit Hem Maxi Dress £60 NOW £42 Missguided Sizes 4 - 16
Mustard Button Down Maxi Dress
Yellow Mustard Dobby Button Down Maxi Dress £30 Missguided Sizes 10 - 16

Perfect for Prom Bags

Now why not treat yourself to a prom bag. Big enough for your essentials, phone, emergency makeup and a little cash. Shop wisely for a bag you can use over and over. Or a bag for an upcoming holiday, think it through. Be eco-bag friendly don’t buy it to later bin it.

Prom Accessories
SHOP HERE Pink Feather Zip Clutch Bag £22 Missguided
Womens Accessories
SHOP HERE Rose Gold Diamante Clutch Bag £20 Missguided
SHOP HERE Gold Disco Glitter Clutch Bag £20 Missguided

Perfect for Prom Shoes

Shopping for prom shoes … thinking, 

Prom Shoes
Peace + Love Nude Embellished Sandals NOW £24 Missguided Limited Sizes
Black Feather Cuff Heels NOW £14 Missguided
Peace + Love Pink Embellished Heels NOW £25 Missguided

Why not check first our additional Fashion Marketplace pages Women’s Clothing then Women’s Footwear followed by Women’s Accessories pages and we think you’ll love the Fashion Forecast Horoscope page. Plus all the tips on the makeup, hair, skincare and nail pages via the Health and Beauty menu. Lastly, here’s a link to those fold up shoes see we wasn’t joking (if you can squeeze them in your bag) and whatever the occasion you’ll thank us the morning after.

Alternative Prom Shoes (at least rescue and repair)

Rose Gold Pumps
Rose Gold Ballet TWIST and FOLDABLE Flats £40
SHOP FITFLOP Similar Metallic Styles
Ritzy Pewter Toe Thongs Fitflop £65 SALE £45.50
Body Shape, Fashion Style

Body Shape Fashion Style

Check out our earlier post about shape and style.

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What Body Shape, Fashion Style Am I? What To Wear.

Body Shape Fashion Style
Body Shape, Fashion Style

Thinking Body Shape, Fashion Style and Celebrity Comparison

Ever held back revealing your dress size, who has an aversion to being told they’re pear or apple shaped? Well, the size label shouldn’t matter as long as you feel good about your Body Shape, Fashion Style. Who’s craving to be compared to a piece of fruit anyway.

Quite often when you’re slim you want to be extra curvy and when you’re extra curvy you want to be slimmer. Your body shape is just you, it may fluctuate, you can eat and exercise to your heart’s content but some things will not change so try looking for the positives with your size and shape and go from there.

Whose body shape, fashion style would you equate yourself to? Have a think … sure you’d much prefer to think you’ve got a figure like the Iconic voluptuous Marilyn Monroe or slender Audrey Hepburn. Or compare yourself to the women gracing our stages, screens, catwalks, and magazine covers etc such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Adelle, Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, to name a few, they are not all the same shape and size but all look gorgeous. You can probably more easily claim (and feel better about) ‘I have a similar body shape to her’ than think you are pear or apple shaped.

Once you’ve figured out who you share a similar body shape, fashion style with, you can study how they dress. Being in the public eye they are easily a target for critique if they wear the wrong outfit. Many appoint their own stylist, have a makeover, have a go-to designer whose clothes give them the wow factor. For red carpet events, they have to pay even more attention as the world goes crazy over the best and worst dressed. There will be a select few that stand out at the Oscars for example and it won’t be just the dress that’s gorgeous it will be down to the person wearing it because it was a perfect choice for them no matter what shape and size they are. Have a look at our fun celebrity shape guide.

Body Shape, Fashion Style - Why The Embarrassing Labels

What celebrity shape best fits me?
Who do I look like?
Even better who looks like me!!
Thinking what body shape, fashion style suits me?

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

.Think Nicki Minaj.
.Kim Kardashian.
..Tyra Banks a.. 

.Full Figure and.
.very SHAPELY.
..great legs..
….a slim waistline….
..and heavenly hips! if you..
..wish to take attention away..
.from those hips wear darker.
..colour on your lower body..
..and try embellished top..
…half brighter colour… draw eyes up!..
.Think statement.
..a piece of..
.Wear A Line.
.dresses and.
..Ball Gowns..
.Empire Waist.
.Just don’t flash.
.too much flesh.
.at your … Prom.
….or major event…

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

…Okay now think…
.Beyonce Knowles.
.and Marilyn Monroe.

..Busty Hippy and..
.a pinch.
.of a tiny waist .
..Show off gorgeous..
.curves in a Mermaid.
.Gown, Wrap Dress.
..A-Line Princess..
.Column Sheath.
.Trumpet Gown.
..Don’t forget..
…the heels…
.and also a.
.or two!!.

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

Lily James
.Kate Moss.
.Taylor Swift.
.Kendall Jenner.

.Create curves with.
.a Trumpet Gown.
.Mermaid Gown.
…Ball Gown…
..Shift Dress..
.A Line Dress.
.As you know.
..the above..
.women look.
good in anything lucky you!.. 


What body shape, fashion style suits me?

.Think petite.
..Lady Gaga..
.Sheath Dress.
..(No not meat)..
…Empire Waist…
..A-Line Princess..
..Or Full Circle Skirt..
.Guess add those heels.

What body shape, fashion style suits me?

.Now we’re.
..thinking of..
..But how do.. say it..
..few pounds..
.round the belly.
.but not the end.
..of the world try..
..wearing A Line..
..Princess or Ball..
…Gown or even an…
.Empire Line Ball Gown.
and show off that face …

Now for a clearer picture of dress lines

What To Wear
.elongates. slimming..
..effect can also create..
.illusion of more curves on a.
..slimmer frame just … like this ..

..for tall..
.or taller full.
curvy figures
..the shape..
.can create.
.curves and.
.also hide a.
..number of..
..the unwanted..
ones too that you
still didn’t resolve …

.made to.
..bust and full skirt..
..flattering for all sizes..
.If you’re top heavy don’t.
…leave it … to all hangout….

..creates a..
.balance yet.
.very feminine.
.and disguises a.
.few areas such as.
..tummy, hips, shorter..
..legs & also longer torso..

.sexy for.
.or more.
.figures with.
..a drop waist..
..and then a full..
.flaring skirt which.
…elongates the torso…
…whilst showing off waistline…
.Sweetheart neckline which adds. support the attractive curvy look..

..for petite..
..and also..
.a slender.
.To ensure.
.they won’t.
.be hidden.
.by a more.
.flowing and.
.lavish dress.
.or ball gown. 

Who's wearing what - Compare your body shape, fashion style

Now you feel good about your body shape why not try something new. Off you go celebrity spotting who’s wearing what, do they look good in everything they wear do they have a certain fashion  style do they have a similar body shape to you, use their knowledge to your advantage. A celebrity will know how to stand to elongate legs, show off their best side, show off their assets and also hide any of their troubled bits. Just watch them. Don’t forget that you are just as important though don’t become a copycat for one person, be you and take tips that are really important, maybe you’re a mash-up of all your idols, that could be fun to recreate certain looks for you.

Choosing a Dress/Dresses for Special Occasions

Hopefully, this will help you when choosing a dress for a special occasion. Maybe a prom dress a wedding gown or dress ideas for bridesmaids if you have a few to dress, be kind. Have a colour or fabric theme but not necessarily all the same dress style. Think body shape, fashion style, let them feel good too it will make for a happier day in the long run. 

Prom Dresses Style

Where to shop –  we think you might like our Prom Dresses, Style 2018 blog full of great dresses, bags and shoes – check it out here PROM 2018

More Fashion For Thought

Check out our website for shopping and inspiration first for women’s clothing. We’ve more on the women’s footwear page and women’s accessories. Fashion pages full of designer and high street dresses and more fashion styles. We think you might like the fun celebrity horoscope see who you share star signs with. Or check out the Vintage page with links to some vintage shopping sites and places.

Have fun. 

What To Wear

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Images from top to bottom slightly adapted, originals via Unsplash with special thanks to photographers –
Stas Svechnikov, Kris Atomic, Charisse Kenion  and Quentin Keller.

Footwear Comfort and Style #FORSUPERWOMEN

Women's Footwear


Fabulous fit footwear #FORSUPERWOMEN Looking for comfort and style. Happy feet all year round. Check these styles out. Be kind to your fashionable feet. So when you think about your footwear past, present or future what springs to mind. Do you remember your fave shoes are you a hoarder, a follower of fashion. Do you buy shoes for an occasion or do you really feel your shoes whilst listening to your feet?

Have a think can you recall your past favourite footwear, most worn styles, addicted to designers or possibly you haven’t found them yet. Must confess shoes have always been a big part of the look and feel of an outfit whether it was starting out drawing and designing shoe styles moving on to decorating my own, a few faves standout  – used to love black canvas traditional martial arts flat shoes, a blank canvas to hand decorate fashion diy style with bold silver studs for a unique look, or sauntering about in a pair of John Fluevog Pilgrim type shoes from their Seattle shop, the points would arrive at the street’s curb way before your feet, and the huge silver buckles drew a lot of attention. Then possible favourite gorgeous red suede and leather brogue heels from Bertie in South Molton Street or their cool and cushioned suede pull-on flat boots with a killer jelly sole in a soft sandy mustard-like hue, that I once walked home in from West to East London. There were strapped up pointed ankle boots from somewhere on the Kings Road, London and gorgeous gold flat pumps from a cool shop in Soho, New York with dangling gold chains.


Go to pairs of shoes

Whatever your style guess you need a base with something for every occasion. Including the everyday go-to pairs that get picked depending on the weather, the mood and the rest of the outfit. Best to buy footwear which works with the clothes you love to wear. Always purchase a pair that compliments your style. A real treat is a pair so far from what you’d normally buy that they introduce you to a new style of dressing. Making you think about what’s hanging in the wardrobe or what extra item could bring it blissfully together.

My wardrobe contains mostly FitFlop Sandals, FitFlop Sneakers and FitFlop Chelsea Boots. There are also others including – some over the knee black suede boots, hot pink trainers that sadly had better action last year. What else – a pair of chunky heeled mules, cropped cowboy boots, some Indian slippers. Ooh, pretty diamonte strappy heels and nude barely there – kitten heels. Something for most events with a little excuse to shop.  But real shoe lovers never need an excuse. 

FiTFLOP for Superwomen Blog

Footwear #FORSUPERWOMEN aka FitFlops as worn by Uma Thurman

My first pair of FitFlop’s were a gift and the start of a new journey. A patent tomato-red pair of toe thong sandals. That felt so comfortable which I still wear, the cupboard now carries an array of FitFlop footwear. The follow-up purchase FitFlop Glitter Thong toe sandals a bit of glittery comfort. A superb pair of FitFlop gold trainers sadly did manage to wear those out, but luckily have a black pair too. Plus my gorgeous suede Chelsea boots. Once Fitflopped you’re hooked, and I must confess the next pair will be from the new-in collection – as worn by Uma Thurman. Loving the pull-on simplicity Überknit High Top Sneakers especially the latest metallic shades shown below in stonerose gold tone. So wearable for a casual smart look perfect footwear #FORSUPERWOMEN. When you need to feel comfortable and look stylish all day long. They would look great with jeans, cropped trousers, a long flowing skirt or dress, a fun mini skirt. Also, love the F-Sporty mirror-toe leather lace-up sneakers too ooh decisions, decisions ahh colour choices now.  The mirror-toe sneakers would be great with skinny or flared style jeans, cool with short fishnet socks and mini skirts. Really anything goes, it’s learned by trial and error.

FitFlop Technology

If you’re really looking after your feet view what additional benefits they offer. That will help you choose your next pair from such an amazing collection. They have different soles; single, dual and triple density construction. All ergonomically designed for cushioning and underfoot comfort (see more on the Technology behind FitFlop).  You can search via the tech FitFlop link for a type of sole highlighted there under Footbed Technology or use the links to search Categories, Collections, Athlesiure for all colours shapes and styles.

Fave FitFlop Sneakers, Loafers and Mules.

FitFlop Uberknit Metallic Trainers in Stonerose gold inFitFlop Mirror Toed Trainer in Blush ToneFootwear for Superwomen FitFlop Fringey Sneaker Loafer in Deep PlumFootwear for Superwomen FitrFlop SuperSkate Slip On Mule in Silver

Here are a few of recent fab FitFlop faves that might help you choose your next pair from such an amazing collection. From left to right Überknit Metallic Slip-On High-Top Sneakers shown in Stonerose Gold also available and equally stunning in Black Bronze, Navy Pewter and a  Black Nude Mix and that’s just the metallics! They have a pull-on breathable stretch upper, super lightweight midsoles and hug the contours of your feet. Then the awesome F_Sporty mirror-toe leather lace-up Sneakers shown in blush, equally stylish in white or black. Practical loafer styles in Deep Plum – the Fringey Sneakerloafer in suede with studs also available in black, tan or midnight navy. Constructed with ultra-lightweight soles and hardwearing slip-resistant rubber pods.  These are perfect for in-between weather days the SuperSkate slip-on mule soft leather uppers with fun tassel embellishment shown in silver, also in gold, black, deep plum and black shimmer. They have other gorgeous styles just highlighting a few. Also approved by American Podiatric Medical Association receiving their stamp of approval ‘for footwear found to promote good foot health‘ ooh we like that and sounds about right.

FitFlop Toe Thong Sandals Our Picks

Footwear for Superwomen FitFlop Rola Toe Thong Sandal in SilverFootwear for Superwomen FitFlop Crystall Toe Thong Sandal in rose goldFootwear for Superwomen FitFlop Banda Toe Thong Suede Sandal in TanFitFlop Halo Toe Thong Sandal in Black

In a sandal, a personal choice is always to go for a toe sandal or as FitFlop call them Toe thong sandals. These are just samples we picked from the FitFlop brand from left to right. The Rola various prices these are beautiful many colours and lots available at sale prices so linked to the whole Rola page so pick your colour and price. The Crystall stunning in rose gold, silver, bronze, black, super navy, pewter very glamorous leather lined uppers with microfibre uppers, adorned with microcrystals. Microwobbleboard midsoles with built-in arch contour for happy elegantly comfortable feet. The Banda in suede with little metallic studs love it in tan looks a little hipster also in black or peachy. Lastly, the Halo in leather with metallic discs and microwobbleboard midsoles. Built-in arch contour super comfortable. Many colours choices, black as shown also silver, urban white, dark tan, rose gold and sumptuous deep plum.

Additional information

If you like the look and sound of the FitFlop brand and want to check them out plus much more use our affiliate links on this post we then get rewarded for sending you. They have free delivery plus next day options and even better free returns, that’s how confident they are that you won’t want to send them back! Also, first timers subscribe to FitFlop email letters and enjoy 20% off your first order. Don’t shop via unknown sources they may not be real FitFlop see more on counterfeit too on their homepage. If you’re after comfort and want to save money try the new FitFlop Outlet page for a real honest steal.


FitFlop Ltd


Happy shopping we also showcase other beautiful footwear via our Women’s and Men’s Footwear pages check them out. Includes our picks that are great for weddings, special occasion, designer brands, work and everything in between. Many of the items on this page have been included in latest sales so we have removed the prices links lead to current fitflop web pages.

The Magnificent Fashion Design Style of Roland Mouret

Fashion Style Inspiration

Roland Mouret

French designer Roland Mouret has earned a reputation over the last decade or so as a ‘magician, a master of structure and silhouette and as a man with an intuitive understanding of the female form.’

Elegant powerful dressing at its best be it red carpet or in front of the camera ready, plus stand out at that wedding without looking like you’re there to upstage the bride (you can also shop the ‘White Collection’ if you’re the one wearing white, and really reasonable prices for a stylish white gown) It’s simple to spot the Roland Mouret style quite often catching a glimpse of a celebrity in a flattering well cut draped silhouette often sumptuous colours as well as the obvious black or white choices, never out of style. We’ve added a glimpse of Pre-Fall 2017, New In, AW17 Collection, Ready To Wear, Showstoppers, Exclusives, we just picked a few but there is more for your pleasure check out the official site here Roland Mouret

Hard to choose so we picked quite different but all very stylish from Roland Mouret first ‘New In’ the unique Asterleigh dress a cool combination of black blended mesh with a pretty flocked fern design on the front bodice, flamboyant bell sleeves an asymmetric peplum waist works perfectly over a bias-cut A-line skirt giving an overall high-fashion-gothic look. Then from the Exclusives Collection, there’s the stunning deep purple, figure-hugging Featherstone Gown draping and strappy. The Allerston dress from the AW17 Collection a great anytime anywhere dress fluid silhouette, hammered satin softly draping from neckline complete with draping peplum from waist falling just below the calf, 100% silk (possibly a personal fave). Then wouldn’t this one look perfect for a red carpet style occasion the Denby Gown a yellow and white brocade cotton/silk dress with polyamide lining, ooh nice. Clearly, all are show stoppers which one fits your personality and what occasion do you wish to dress up for.

Roland Mouret The Asterleigh DressRoland Mouret Exclusives The Featherstone GownRoland Mouret The Allerston DressRoland Mouret Denby Gown Yellow and White Brocade

Also loving these wear me anywhere jackets as a ‘Posh Me Up’ ‘Cover Me Up’ or ‘Warm Me Up’ love the Burgess Jacket strappy off the shoulder style asymmetrical front button fastening, fitted waist a flattering shape. The Lavenden Jacket shown in black crafted from 100% wool with 100% cotton lining a feminine cut emphasising the waist with a nipped in cut and flowing peplum handkerchief hemline. Plus the gorgeous new limited edition Galaxy Jacket crafted in navy blue leather and stretch viscose, flattering peplum waist and finished with silver front bodice and sleeve zips.

Roland Mouret The Burgess JacketRoland Mouret The Lavenden JacketRoland Mouret Galaxy jacket

Or choose separates whether a top for special occasion paired with a perfect skirt this was the most difficult to choose a few faves but here we go first the gorgeously fitted black Wicklow Top from the Showstopper AW17 collection this one 18% silk, 82% viscose and 100% silk lining. The sumptuous Liverton Top shown in claret with black rustic laced fluted sleeves. Adding a sense of Provence, France said to be Roland’s major influence on the latest collection wears well with the high waisted skirts and trousers (also in other colours). Love the ecru Wicklow Top too needed to be shown as well, in acetate and viscose with 100% silk lining.

Roland Mouret Wicklow TopRoland Mouret Liverton Top in BurgandyRoland Mouret Wicklow Top in white

Skirts glorious skirts all lengths and must-haves pencil skirts and maxi skirts, skirts to show off those moves in. Whatever the style that flatters you these are beautifully cut – more to choose from too. First up on the left from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection the Shenley Skirt a floor-length viscose crepe a beautiful flowing A-Line shape most flattering and comfortable. Followed by a deep navy blue Showstopper Haxby Skirt 18% silk 82% viscose with lining 1 100% silk and lining 2 viscose/acetate and elastane blend. Followed by The Lathbury Skirt 100% silk a showstopper soft flowing skirt. Last in the line-up the ever popular Arreton Pencil Skirt this one for AW17 Collection in black velvet with a little stretch crafted with exposed polished gold zip down the back seam for a great look for evening tone down with a crisp white shirt, or jazz up further with the Wicklow top shown above umm gorgeous.

Roland Mouret Shenley SkirtRoland Mouret Haxby Showstopper SkirtRoland Mouret Lathbury SkirtRoland Mouret Arreton Skirt Black

Don’t forget the footwear, make or break the look these are rather stylish from Roland Mouret first Hero II shoes in claret with 4″ heel or the Sophia Shoes peep toed and lace-up ankles in black two-tone leather and suede also shown in claret.

Roland Mouret Pre Fall 2017 Hero II ShoesRoland Mouret Pre Fall 2017 Sophia ShoesRoland Mouret Pre Fall 2017 Sophia Shoes Claret

Then pop your money, phone and lipstick in a bag and you’re ready to go – Roland Mouret style, we showcased the same Mini Classico bag in four shades black patent, yellow, blush, and claret.

Roland Mouret Mini Classico Bag Black PatentRoland Mouret Mini Classico Yellow bagRoland Mouret Mini Classico Blush BagRoland Mouret Mini Classico Bag

Now add a coat for colder days or nights we discovered from the Showstoppers the warm stylish Bexley Coat 100% wool acetate/polyester lining belted waist with draping asymmetrical wrap around the hemline. The Studham double crepe wool coat in blush also shown in black a 100% wool coat with 100% silk lining. Perfect to wrap up in or hang loose with an asymmetrical hemline and black rustic lacing to sleeve hem. The Waddesdon cotton /polyamide black coat more of a French trench coat always in style.

Roland Mouret Showstoppers Bexley CoatRoland Mouret Pre Fall 2017 Studham Coat in BlushRoland Mouret Studham Coat BlackRoland Mouret Waddesdon Coat

Please note this isn’t a paid advertisement. For more stylish Women’s Fashion Check our Women’s Clothing then Women’s Footwear and last but not least Women’s Accessories for shopping and inspiration online. Where we highlight equally beautiful clothing.