Fashion Inspiration

We’ve added lots to inspire you if you check out the drop down menu, first up we added a women’s followed by a men’s fashion forecast horoscope, it includes a list of celebrities that you share your star sign with and a few key traits it’s meant in the best possible taste, mostly ‘awesome‘ traits followed by a final possibly ‘rotten‘ one, sorry. The images are also found on the previous listed fashion marketplace pages, and both pages link to the seller’s website (as an affiliate of ours) we recently updated for Fall – Autumn Winter wardrobe, but at the moment we’re just about still wearing SS18 at least in the UK, majority of the UK affiliates ship worldwide we also publish from overseas retailers (due to popular demand) and have included a few for our worldwide readers many ship worldwide, so thought we would include for you. As we said it’s all inspiration so not just for shopping, we hope you find a style fitting to you. 

Fashion Icons a start on an amazing group of women through the decades.

Then we added a Vintage page the first place to look when you’re wondering what next or thinking about designing what could you do differently, what worked, what didn’t. Fashion follows and updates itself, it’s always worth keeping an eye on what followed previously in another era and seeing how you can mimic and update for present day. Stay one step ahead. There are some fantastic Vintage shops out there not only will you look original you will also be doing your green bit and shopping ethically, so why not top up your wardrobe with a unique previously loved item.