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Be Ready - Halloween Celebrations Thursday 31 October 2019

Halloween Eyes

Halloween a great excuse to throw a party, plan a night out and have some fun dressing up it’s great for children and adults alike and there’s no better time in the year for fancy dress, with top celebrities throwing parties and joining in with the celebrations. Social media will get busy with images and hashtags. We’ve highlighted a few looks available via our affiliates (we earn a small commission if you use our links to their website) we’ve also highlighted decorations and have loads more for inspiration including DIY ideas, food recipes and make-up on our Halloween Pinterest board see at the end of Blog. Have Fun


Possible outfit style this one via MissGuided. Fun red devil slogan bodysuit. Risque red jersey finish with long sleeves and popper gusset fastenings to thong style rear. Why not wear all year round with jeans or go bold over fishnets or lacy patterned tights for a Halloween night out. Don't forget to add some horns and heels and a possible cover-up depending on where you are going.

Halloween Costumes

Ooh, this one sizzles - brown leopard print design jumpsuit with scooping low back. Add a choker and cat ears or vamp it up with a touch of blood red lipstick smeared down your chin and lengthy nails. Dramatic but high fashion - wear it if you dare. Check link for Halloween leftover bites.

Halloween T Shirts

Cute white 'This Is My Halloween Costume' printed T-Shirt. Add to your everyday wardrobe for a fun run up to Halloween a T-Shirts not just for Halloween! Have fun walking around town or wearing at the office keep a bag of sweet treats for all those bold comments that you might anticipate receiving. Then on the night add a few accessories whatever you fancy maybe cat ears, Dracula teeth, witches hat or carry a carved pumpkin. You choose depending on your situation. Check for Halloween wearables.

Halloween Sleepovers

Halloween Fashion

Orange Halloween pumpkin nightshirt dress you could get away with wearing this outside of Halloween. An eye-catching orange nightdress with happy pumpkin face printed on a comfortable fit nightdress via MissGuided.

More Halloween Shopping Online

Another great place for your Halloween Costume Ideas some stunning looks to get that ghoul and ghost theme without the ghastly we love the prices too, find fun accessories and party pieces as well as children’s costumes, plus sizes and boohoo Man has got your perfect Halloween party clothes we love the fun you could have in these we handpicked to showcase love the skeleton stockings, the skeleton jumpsuit would be flattering as well as on theme with speedy delivery something for everyone via boohoo SHOP HERE boohoo Halloween Collection 

Have fun wearing a stylish leopard mesh maxi dress. Perfect as a Halloween layer over warmer blacks. Thigh high splits to sides. Year round possibilities via boohoo


Be a little more daring, we like this one too. Just enough scare in a printed skeleton jumpsuit (plain back). You could wear as is or layer up to keep warm. Add a baggy off the shoulder holey-knitted jumper or ragged sweatshirt. Add a netting skirt also similar print available as leggings or a midi dress via boohoo

Halloween Sweatshirt Dress

Why not be warm and have a little fun for Halloween and long after. Love this black sweatshirt dress with 'Sinner' wording to the front. Wear with chunky boots make sure your twin wears the 'Saint' one below via boohoo

Halloween Sweatshirt Dress

Why not be warm and have double fun for Halloween and long after. Cute white sweatshirt dress with 'Saint' wording to the front. Wear with chunky boots make sure your twin wears the 'Sinner' one above via boohoo

Halloween Accessories For A Quick Fix

Halloween Accessories

Add a little accessory for Halloween with a black unicorn headband wear your fave clothes underneath or a little black jumpsuit with a fluffy coat to keep you warm via boohoo


Halloween is a great night for a black wedding ... Got a black dress in the wardrobe why not accessorise add Halloween makeup and you are all set. Don't wait around via boohoo

Halloween Instant Costume Ideas for Men


boohoo Man - Need a quick fix outfit for Halloween. Add a black skeleton onesie show your fun side rather than scaring everyone away. Or add a little makeup for a full-on look. Alternatively rip up an old shirt and let your imagination run wild. Some people like the less scary approach and a comfortable but cute look like this.


boohoo Man - Black muscle-fit t-shirt with skull print for a more casual approach wear at any time so why not start the celebrations early. Add more accessories and face paint for later.

Halloween Around The House

Halloween Theme Gifts Decorations

If you’re looking for decorations then really love the fancy bowls and keepsakes at TK Maxx. We’ve shown Cream Skeleton Wine Bottle Holder. Ten Eye-Ball String Lights. Turquoise Sequin Embellished Masquerade Mask. Black Da Of The Dead Wall Sign. Black Jack-O-Lantern. White Skull Couple Snow Globe. White Day Of The Dead Light-Up Skull. Worth a look before they sell out might just make the table look that little bit special. They also have other beautiful masks, fun witches and children’s outfits. See more here via  TK Maxx Home Gift Shop.

Not found any inspiration or looking for a more traditional  fancy dress costume check out Amazon they’re bound to point you in the right direction if we didn’t find what you needed you can also use our affiliate link if you choose here HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING via Amazon SHOP HERE AMAZON Halloween Store 

Still searching, don’t forget ebay it’s also full of little shops and you’ll be able to hunt down all the things you’re looking for they have great decorations on this link some fun party things here’s our affiliate link via ebay SHOP HERE ebay Halloween Shop

Halloween Trick Or Treat Tips

If you’re taking part this Halloween by handing out treats you should place a pumpkin whether real or a plastic pumpkin lantern in a window visible to the street. A clear sign that you will answer the door. So bear that in mind too, if you’re knocking on doors don’t bang on all the doors in the street! Some people are happy to hand out sweets but others disagree with it all. So look for houses that are decorated, showing a pumpkin or sometimes leave a few treats outside. That means help yourself and is also a polite way to say ‘please do not disturb.’ That way you’ll not upset anyone.

The Wikipedia link below is interesting so it wasn’t the USA that started it all maybe they were more responsible for the commercialization, which many of us now get to enjoy. Mostly in UK people give out sweets a few will give money. Personally, disagree with dishing out money,  it should be for fun enjoying dressing up. Let the children trick or treat with an adult to keep safe, it’s not really for teenagers. As that makes it uncomfortable for others wondering who is banging on their door at night. They are not sure what to give, if they want sweets or expect money.

Alternatively, why not have a get together with friends and explore a few traditional games instead with sweet treats and forfeits – such as ‘Bobbing for Apples’  where apples are placed in a large bowl/bucket of water. The apples will float and the idea is to grab an apple with only your mouth/teeth, keep your hands behind your back. It’s a bit disgusting and a bit tricky. So forfeit enough must be winning/getting the apple after everyone’s been attacking it with their teeth! So maybe the prize could be a toffee-apple (that most definitely hasn’t been dunked!) If you get to play – HAVE FUN.

Check out Our Halloween Picks on Pinterest

Halloween Pinterest Board

If you're planning to celebrate this Halloween get a head start now. Whether it's a children's or adult party you're planning or attending. Get your thinking cap on now. Take inspiration from our Halloween Pinterest board we've added make-up, food and much more. We've included some fun stuff from costume ideas, home decorating, make-up to spooky recipes. For home decorations start gathering DIY items like cardboard, paint, string, bandages or strips of fabric. You can make decorations for next to nothing by using things you would normally recycle. Let your imagination run wild.

So, depending on how much space you have to decorate you can decide what to place where. For children make it more on the fun side, you don’t want to give them nightmares. Then for adults don’t forget to make the bathroom spooky you don’t want them staying in there too long. You could store the alcohol bottles in an ice bath and cover in fake cobwebs to deter them from consuming too much. HAVE FUN.

Check out our Clothing pages for Men and Women and view the menu for lots more fashion shopping and inspiration online. Women’s Clothing Women’s Footwear and Women’s Accessories. Why not check out Men’s Clothing, Men’s Footwear and Men’s Accessories.

A Little Father’s Day History Awesomest Gift Ideas for Dad to Celebrate

Fathers Day

Father's Day Sunday 16 June 2019 (UK)

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society.’ We have been celebrating for over a 100 years as per America. Recorded history tells us we followed their lead although in the UK it was never made an official holiday as it is in the USA. In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson added it to the official calendar and in 1972 President Richard Nixon went one better by making it an official holiday.

Father's Day History

It was arguably an American woman Sonora Smart Dodd that started the trend to celebrate Father’s Day. She requested her church hold a celebration for fathers’ and she asked for it be held on her father’s birthday 5 June but there was not enough time to arrange. Therefore it was agreed to hold a celebration on 19 June 1910 at the YMCA, Spokane, Washington. To celebrate Fathers and her father William Jackson Smart who had single-handedly raised his six children there after their mother died during childbirth. He was a civil war veteran. As a result, she had the idea after hearing a sermon about Anna Jarvis’ Mother’s Day in 1909. Others similarly were credited with celebrating Father’s Day slightly earlier after Mother’s Day had been established in 1908. But it didn’t really become recognised everywhere until later due to timing and other things going on. In addition, Sonora Smart Dodd was the one to keep pushing for Father’s Day to be more widely celebrated. For more information see Wikipedia listings 

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Triple Supercar Blast at Brands Hatch 
Pick three supercars from a superb selection to drive.  The experience normally costs £199  a fantastic gift. Two hours required. Grab ahead of time no need to book the ride of your life just yet, but book in advance if you have dates in mind as dates fill very quickly.

Quadruple Supercar Blast and Hot Ride
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Indoor Karting For Two
OFFER £49 instead of £99 A little karting fun for two, the Indoor Karting For Two package. Normally costs £99 at various locations duration is for one and a half – two hours. Could you be the next Lewis Hamilton! Start with a briefing and get kitted out in the specialist gear provided. Before lining up for 50 laps around the specially designed track. Top three drivers get a podium finish and a trophy. Everyone gets a copy of their lap-times to take away. Intended for novice or expert.

Two Hour 1-2-1 Off-Road Driving Experience
OFFER £99 What about a little off-road driving with a one to one instructor. Location Ashford, Kent costs £199. 

Remember we understand (check details when booking) the vouchers lasts 10 -12 months. Therefore you can grab your vouchers early at an awesome price. Plan ahead!

Triple Supercar Blast
Quadruple Supercar Blast
Fun and Original Stuff
Two Hour 1-2-1 Off Road Driving Experience

Other Dates For Father's Day Around The World

Also worth noting Catholic Europe has always celebrated Father’s Day on March 19. Which is also St. Josephs Day since the middle ages! Spain in particular and also other European countries celebrate and the two celebrations were given the same date. While other countries have their own dates. In the UK, USA and Canada it was decided to celebrate on the third Sunday of June each year.

Seems like, others believe Father’s Day was to do with Pagan Sun Worship. As the summer solstice occurs at the same time of year and some have the belief that the Sun is the Father of the Universe. But you can go Google more on that!


More Father's Day Ideas

We discovered a great Father’s Day  BLOG from Greeting’s Island we think you’ll love it –  ‘Father’s Day Ideas To Make Dad Feel Special’ check it out here even more perfect ideas for a gift or activity to share with your dad.

International Men's Day

As loving and inspiring as it was meant to be, it has caused a few issues. We now also have International Men’s Day celebrated in many countries on 19 November initially set up in 1992. This is intended to honour the men and boys! who are not fathers’. It is also followed by Universal Children’s Day on November 20. Although these are not so widely recognised or celebrated. But they are readily available if you wish to send cards,  join in on Twitter using the hashtags and send gifts etc. Nobody should be left out. No doubt they are.

Father Figure

Other issues are in education. This could also be seen as an opportunity for teachers and schools to address different emotions. By introducing the broad family situations at home. Ensuring nobody is alienated or uncomfortable when the topic is Father’s day and they do not have a Father at home. The whole class need to consider how others live. 

Therefore why not suggest to children if making cards to make the card for the ‘Father Figure’ which could be a mum it could be grandad it could be a stepdad. It’s better to be thankful and let children think about who does look after them and who they would like to direct their thanks to.  Also, young adults can have the chance to discuss gender equality and our ever-changing diverse family structures in a real-life situation.

Human Rights Campaign Foundation

This is a great educational website it’s an American project via the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, but it tackles inclusive ways to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day. Pointing out that children should be helped to focus on what they have and not what they don’t have. It’s called WelcomingSchools.org nevertheless you don’t need to be in education to benefit from some of the tips.  Especially relevant they have a piece on the celebrations.

Well, now we know a little more about Father’s day what are you intending on doing?  However, you decide to celebrate or think about Father’s day we’ve highlighted a few ideas for you. From the little DIY thank you gift, the cheap but thoughtful idea. The middle of the road but I got you sussed dad gift. Or the fairly expensive but let us pamper you or even this looks exciting can we do it together please gift.

Awesome Gift Ideas

Gifts shouldn’t be about how much money you have spent. Many of the best-remembered gifts are the thought that went into it. So maybe a treat such as breakfast in bed, make lunch, bake a cake. Do a few chores, such as washing the car walking the dog (but that should be fun maybe you can go together). Maybe make a little gift hamper with pickles, sauces, spices, and any fave cooking ingredients. Our most popular image on Pinterest last year at this time was an image of what looks like a six pack of beer but filled with dad’s fave sweets. So it’s not too late to make a gift or similar why not pick up a mason jar and make a sticky label for Best Dad or a personal message and fill with sweets or cookies.  Here’s the original image and check our Pinterest board for more ideas.


Father's Day

Unusual Father's Day Gift Ideas

Check out T. K. Maxx they always have unusual gift ideas. Things for the home, books, pictures, as well as great priced designer bags, sunglasses, T-Shirts. Maybe sports accessories. Note if you shop online you can always return to the store if you need to exchange on the quick. As much as we love shopping in T.K. Maxx store, it’s always a treasure trove, but a lot quicker to find what you’re after online.  So worth a search GIFTS FOR HIM  SHOP HERE T.K.Maxx

Music Ideas

How about Music ideas an original vinyl might go down a treat they have all sorts here check out Oxfam Online. It’s a great website and truly authentic original gift ideas, that’s a link to their Vinyl page but they also have DVDs and other loved before inexpensive gift ideas. Plus your purchases help a leading UK charity in their quest to end global poverty. So any money spent goes to a great cause. Also, another fantastic idea let dad know what a thoughtful and caring person he helped raise by choosing an Oxfam Charity Gift. Gifts from £5 you could get a bag of poo (manure) love it for £10. Sure he’d love that delivered to a family in need to help grow crops. Check out the link there are lots of other life-saving gift ideas. You’ll both get a kick out of – Get a GIFT THAT CHANGE LIVES 

Bruce Springsteen Vinyl
Bryan Ferry Vinyl

Does Dad have a sense of humour?

Love this idea if your dad has a good sense of humour, warning if he doesn’t steer clear think of something else. There’s  T-Shirts or Sweatshirts/Hoodies and mugs with many a humorous thing we’ve highlighted a couple of our faves via Shot Dead In The Head

Examples we discovered this must-have ‘I Speak Four Languages’ T-Shirt no doubt go down a storm, for the father who has a sense of humour. Rather like the Retro Offensive mug can he take that, perfect for the office or man cave, or the rude grammar mug. What about the Warning; Miserable Old Sod T-Shirt lol these are £16.99 at moment and mugs £9.99 but SHOP HERE Shot Dead In The Head link for others too. We think to keep birthday in mind as we think they’re perfect dad gift ideas.

Independent Tees
Fun Offensive Mugs Gift Ideas
SHOP HERE FOR Mug Irritable Owl Syndrome £9.99 Ad
Funny Miserable Old Sod Warning T shirt
SHOP HERE FOR Tee Miserable Old Sod £16.99 Ad
Rude Grammar Mug

Father's Day Gifts For Football Fanatics

Use our affiliate discount code at 3Retro for 10% off everything. Shop our links with discount code ‘3RETRO

Use our affiliate discount code at 3Retro for 10% off everything. Shop our links with discount code ‘3RETRO10

More Father's Day Gift Ideas

Maybe a piece of jewellery, cuff-links a nice cool shirt, fancy tie or boxers for mum. Or a popular and fantastic DVD.

Calvin Klein Boxers
SHOP HERE Calvin Klein Boxers via Amazon Ad
Dunkirk movie poster
SHOP HERE Dunkirk 2017 DVD via Amazon Ad
Light Grey Check Shirt
SHOP HERE Men's Shirts via New Look Ad
Deadpool Welcome Mat
Deadpool Marvel Comics Mat via TruffleShuffle £14.99 Ad

Fragrances For Father's Day

There are lots to choose from we picked three faves, more information on fragrance over on our GIFTS page

Gifts Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette
SHOP HERE Dior Eau Sauvage shop via Amazon Ad
Emporio Armani
SHOP HERE Emporio Armani Diamonds shop via Amazon Ad
Paco Rabanne 1 Million
SHOP HERE paco rabanne 1 million shop via Amazon Ad

Check offers at Boots too this one smells gorgeous paco rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette also note you can order and collect in store so you know it’s in stock. Not all stores take part but you can check online great for late orders SHOP HERE via Boots

Experience Days for Father's Day

Then you’ve got experience days to look forward to. Check out what Red Letter Days have to offer they are the pioneers of experience day vouchers. Founded in 1989 by Rachel Elnaugh and owned by Dragons! Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones. So you know you’re in safe hands. There are some awesome opportunities available and even better you can decide last minute and send an e-voucher with details of the gift. Check the info on the page, but if you do get it wrong they offer exchanges. So don’t panic if you get it totally wrong.  Maybe dad wasn’t up to deep sea fishing with you in Brighton or didn’t fancy afternoon tea with you either! Tell him it’s the thought that counts and then let him swap it. So Red Letter Day gifts are well worth strong consideration, and not just for Father’s Day.

Red Letter Days Driving Gift Ideas

Here’s another fancy treat for dad if he likes cars and driving. Book a Motor Racing thrill at Silverstone. Currently, £119 spectators allowed so the crew can get in to take photographs. If that sounds appealing check all the details and SHOP HERE Also, Red Letter Days have other supercar related gifts, some offers, check for any restrictions such as days of the week or weekend etc. But remember you can swap, check the website before booking.

Also, discovered a bit of a luxury but worthy of a mention The Sports Car Treasure Hunt. A whole 9 hour day for the gift holder with shared driving. Maximum of twelve participants sharing six fabulous sports cars. (Check info re driving license and insurance obviously they won’t allow anyone to drive their beauties). The six cars are an HMC MK IV, a TVR Griffith, an E-Type Jaguar, a Porsche 911 Targa, a Morgan +8 and an Aston Martin DB7. Imagine that! Whilst one navigates the other drives the open road. You get to drive (not race) through Hertfordshire searching for clues (I know not what sort of clues). Swapping cars and taking turns in the driving seat. The day starts with coffee, briefing, registration, schedules and you are given suggested route(s) to take. Costs £352 pp but that’s quite an adventure for your money. Lunch and refreshments included. SHOP HERE

Motor Racing at Silverstone
SHOP HERE Motor Racing Thrill At Silverstone £119 Ad
SHOP HERE The Sports Car Treasure Hunt £352 Ad

Thought That Counts

Hope we’ve given you food for thought, still confused? Take dad to the pub sure he’ll love a pint or to the cafe for a full English. Have fun.

Please note any #ads we have included on this Father’s Day Blog post are affiliate links we have selected to publish for the advertiser. Should you use the link to make a purchase, the advertiser will know we sent you and we will be rewarded. We hope we have given you some ideas regardless and hope we do not come across as making you feel it necessary to spend money this Father’s Day remember it is the thought that counts

Still stuck or want a bit of man shopping check out a few other helpful pages. Via the Fashion Marketplace find our Men’s Clothing follow up with Men’s Footwear and why not check out  Men’s Accessories
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