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So what is Cupping?

Spotted most recently on the back of Swimming Champion Michael Phelps during Rio Olympics also looks like circle left on Justin Bieber's instagram post, although not as noticeable but there have been more intense pictures posted. Cupping has been around for a long time an alternative holistic medicine, considered a pampering session for the body. It's an old chinese remedy that many stars have been 'spotted' using in the past including Jennifer Aniston and natural health loving Gwyneth Paltrow.
How does Cupping work?
Heated cups are placed on the body/skin to extract impurities guess it acts in a similar way to a sauna or hot stones but with focus points that is said to help with pain and an ancient alternative to treat body pain as it stimulates blood flow by creating a vacuum on the skin as the cup cools down. Each cup is left in place for 5 to 10 minutes and once removed the noticable circle mark will stay visible for three to seven days so be wary if you're intending on wearing a backless dress. The therapy uses cups (usually made from glass but can be stonewear or even bamboo) which are placed on the skin to extract impurities from the body as well as help with everything from circulation and energy flow to neck and shoulder pain with it's natural healing properties.

Justin Bieber posted this photo to his instagram account which shows traces of cupping signs on his front but other pics online show many more marks too.

Michael Phelps posted to his Instagram account and just shows a sign of cupping on his shoulder, whilst watching the races at Rio Olympics you could see many more circles across his shoulders and back and it didn't seem to do him any harm after his massive victory in the swimming events.

Cupping is said to also aid weight loss the cup will be placed on the body to produce a point of suction on the underlying tissue fat.

Back to Michael Phelps who does portray unbelievable fitness he swam against a shark for the Discovery Channel Phelps v Shark: Great Gold v Great White which  aired as part of The Discovery Channels 'Shark Week' beginning 23 July 2017 see his Instagram post from 11 June 2017, guess someone heard about his bucket list, did you catch it?  was it a cage race or a virtual race you'll have to search and see!  Michael Phelps


Jus By Julyu Detox Diet


Jus by Julie 5 Day 'Juice till Dinner' Cleanse Healthy Detox Diet, a selection of 20 juices to enjoy and reap the rewards from - over a five day period, juice in the morning, more juice in the morning (elevensies) juice for lunch, juice for snack followed by your choice of dinner (try and stick with the program and at least make it healthy though lol) There are lots of options to try this one's the 5 Day 'Juice till Dinner' which helps clear your body of toxins this Detox Diet costs US$165 or you could go buy all the fancy fresh ingredients and a blender and try to fathom it all out and do it yourself (if you have the time) or get it delivered by a company who have been investing in their business for the health nuts out there - give it a go if you don't fancy spending $165 you can try a shorter cleanse or try their fancy soups the more you buy the more you save. Enjoy getting healthier on the insides and stick with it you know you want to Jus By Julie Sorry US Shipping only

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil Pulling How To Guide and health benefitsFound a great link about swishing your mouth with coconut oil, it is extremely good for your teeth gums and all your organs, best to swish (gargle) but don't swallow! about a tablespoon three to four times a week, you have to do it for ten to twenty minutes for your body to reap the rewards, if you find it makes you gag then start with a slightly smaller amount and less time such as eight minutes. Good for all ages too although children will probably not be as keen, so maybe just make sure they are looking after their teeth brushing carefully and watching what they eat and drink, they may want to try as they get older and not feel forced to do it. Suggested first thing in the morning and to make your teeth sparkle even more finish with gargling salt water. This link is to Pure Organic Coconut Oil via Amazon at a good price, you can use it for skin and hair too the benefits are endless, just don't inhale it and don't swallow it. Check the links below for more information, personally found it difficult the first time as much as I love coconut the oil is not the same, but you soon get used to it, once you've built up the time I find it easy to do whilst taking a shower, or multi tasking as long as no-one is about to talk to you and you won't want to answer the door or phone that would be so annoying if you had to stop swishing for someone else. It's also a great softening agent makes damaged hair feel real again and skin silky smooth. Others here regularly use on face to combat breakouts, so I would recommend from a personal level not an expert level plus my teeth always look and feel cleaner most definitely whiter and I am quite fussy with toothpaste too my teeth only feel clean if I use Arm and Hammer which has baking soda in it, anything else and I really notice. I must admit that when we had run out of coconut oil whilst cooking a curry with coconut cream I put a chunk in my mouth which tasted lovely, once dissolved swished it about whilst cooking, it had the same effect whiter clean feeling teeth, whether the properties are the same I am not sure so not recommending you do that be safe use an organic quality oil and if you've any concerns Google more, the more we research there are always arguments for and a few against, I don't have any health issues that I know about so cannot comment on that which is why I added the link, if you ask someone including a health official if they haven't tried it they may not recommend it's just one of those things it's a bit like Homeopathy it works for me, but many are skeptical. But that's another blog another day.

There are huge health rewards not just for healthy teeth and gums, includes weight loss, clear skin and more check this link it covers many benefits to oil pulling, well Everything You Need To Know  really by Karen Reed - Managing Editor at Positive Health Wellness.


Oral B Genius 9000 rose gold

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If you're after an all-singing, all-dancing beautiful electric toothbrush - this is for you! via Boots online £280 We have this model here and it does it all - you can use it for travel, connect it to your smart phone for the personalised experience to make sure you are brushing correctly and you can use the travel case to recharge not only your toothbrush but your smartphone too! It has a long battery life so don't worry about forgetting to charge it, has dentist inspired technology and features 6 modes Pro-Clean, Daily-Clean, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning, Whitening and Gum Care - Perfect! It's also got that element of fashion and fun with an LED smart ring which is customisable in choice of 12 colours. For the perfectionist it has motion technology and sensors so it can detect if you're brushing correctly for your mouth. Whiter teeth, healthier gums and a fresher mouth. Collect Advantage Points this this purchase (if not signed up to the reward program you can join via the link well worthwhile, the points soon add up and Boots frequently offer triple or double points weekends, we try to highlight great offers here too. Available in Rose Gold, Black or white (Winner 2016 Which Best Buy Awards) Boots Exclusive.

Oral B Pro 2000

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LIMITED EDITION if you're looking for a great toothbrush but don't fancy all the extra tech stuff this limited edition pink Oral B 2000 is a great purchase currently on offer at £39.99 instead of £79.99 via Boots online we have this model too but in blue. The round head make a big difference to a normal toothbrush if you're wondering why pay for an electric one over a manual brush, your teeth feel much cleaner and the brushes remove all plaque and any stains more easily as they 'oscillate, rotate and pulsate' mimicking professional cleaning tools. I personally don't use floss but have a tool for removing plaque which I rarely use anymore or if need be it would be a lot simpler and usually just on the inside of the bottom front teeth like a metal tooth pick. This model has a flashing light as a time reminder and a sensor if you brush too heavy, which you soon get the hang of I discovered it was always on the same side of my mouth that I pressed too hard but I would never have known otherwise. It stays charged for ages you can rest it on its charging station, which operates with a normal 3 pin plug so you need not have a fancy socket in the bathroom just grab it as you go in. For even whiter teeth you could try oil pulling we mention it on this page. Follow charging instructions with product just needs a full charge every now and then. I leave mine on the stand but not switched on. For free shipping Order and Collect in store

Foreo Luna skincare devices

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Have you heard of LUNA facial cleansing brushes for personalized cleansing 'and anti-aging. Shown here the Luna 2 model with four specialized brush types, for facial cleansing and anti-aging. The LUNA 2 is a gentle two minute daily skin care routine leaving a luminous more youthful look, gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, unclogging pores and improving aiding the absorption of your favourite moisturiser and serums.'Its reverse anti-aging side uses lower-frequency pulsations to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as leave the skin looking firm and lifted.'All LUNA 2 facial cleansing brushes have a Ten year Quality Guarantee and Two Year Limited Warranty. What are you waiting for LUNA 2 via foreo £169 free shipping (products over £45)

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also available LUNA 2 mini £119 and Luna 2 For Men (in black) see our Grooming page

LIB Build Your Own Beauty Box FDIY


Check out our very own BYOB with Latest in Beauty we selected the following products to test and let you know how the Build Your Own Box works it's a great idea you can select a box from the special offers or build your own with three, six or nine products. Cost of this one would be £20.00 see our Blog for more detail

Health and Fitness Nike Just Do It Yoga Mat

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Love this Yoga Mat for Monday Motivation Nike Just Do It Roll Up Yoga Mat, perfect for storing hang it up as a reminder, carry to park or gym Yoga on the go.

Yoga Outlet Gaiam 5mm Yoga Mat Citron Sundial

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This Yoga Mat is beautiful and how perfect for the Sun Salutation Sequence - (a nice gift idea) Gaiam Citron Sundial Yoga Mat

Yoga Book

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Thought we'd also add a couple of books starting with this one on Yoga it seems to be making a fashion statement of late or maybe it never really went out of style, it's certainly a feel good vibe and quite addictive leading to all sorts of other healthy lifestyle choices. If you're interested in Yoga this is a free kindle book a great introduction and handy to have on a mobile device, if it is not available for free for your system at the moment note that all author's proceeds are donated to - Battered Women's Shelters. We just downloaded to kindle and here is the author's introduction. "The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means listen. Listening is the key to what yoga is all about. It is about listening to your body. Stretching, bending, breathing, and listening. It’s about becoming more aware of your body, its strengths, where it needs help, and nurturing it."Shea, Lisa. Yoga for Stress Relief and Forgiveness (Kindle Locations 16-18). Minerva Webworks LLC. Kindle Edition.