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Find your style whether its an investment designer item or a preloved and even reinvented piece of fashion. Check out fashion diy style on Instagram, where more time has been spent of late. Hope you follow there for daily stylish reels, find us here @fashiondiyteam

Do you love fashion? Looking for the latest looks and putting it all together. Whether its designer or diy we’ve got you covered. We also work with top affiliate companies who keep us up to date with their latest product releases. Handpicked to showcase for you. Picking the best looks, the most wearable, but still with that winning edge. We will be updating as focus is on more sustainable fashion, stay tuned, follow on Instagram for daily reels. Our key affiliates in this area are Preworn Ltd and Oxfam who we are so proud to be requested to work with them. Also, not known so much for sustainability but in my 

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Easy Illustration

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Got your own look going on or need some fashion style inspiration, relish shopping online? Then you’ll love our starters – first stop on the menu Women’s Clothing. There’s some incredible designer clothing, followed by fabulous footwear, awesome accessories. Plus street style, high street brands and cool online shops on the men’s and women’s fashion pages plus discover more tees and hoodies on the Indie Clothing page. 

Fashion Style Inspiration - fun horoscope, fashion icons and vintage fashion tips

Creatively, Curating, Sustainable, Fashion. Times have changed and the focus has to be more sustainable. This actually fits perfectly as fashion diy was originally born from a love of design often from upcycling something old or from vintage inspiration.  So now back to work and encouraging others to see how an original look can be achieved through wearing older items that may be in your wardrobe already. Vintage hand me downs Charity shop purchases and second-hand shopping online via pre-worn limited, Oxfam, Vinted, Depop, eBay and more. You can also find discontinued lines, previous seasons and overstocks from  designers via TK Maxx, although they may not be a sustainable company as they sell fast fashion made specifically for TK Maxx they do help other companies by buying their old stock, and past season is not a bad thing especially when putting together a more individual style, hopefully some of your favourite pieces are going to be vintage. A Showcase for Designer, Indie, Streetwear, Vintage Shopping and Inspiration. Fashion DIY upcycling is in. Be eco-friendly fix it, upcycle it, invest in designer – resell it, shop one-off then share it. You’ll find tips to be on point this/next season across our fashion rich pages.

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For more see Fashion Inspiration looks check out our cool and original Fashion Forecast Horoscope for women and for Men. We’ve included celebrities so you can compare them with your style or personality traits. Enjoy the Fashion Icons a selection of top model icons through the decades. Then heads up where to shop Vintage Fashion for a desirable spot of eco-friendly shopping. Even tips for selling your pre-loved fashion.

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Fashion Style Inspiration

Follow our Fashion DIY simple fashion style inspiration ideas how to upcycle clothing. Plus easy Fashion Illustration guidelines. A fun Business DIY page where we’ve listed some great places for help. Things to consider and a few businesses.  Adding more to check out some to save you money, make money, help your business or just for you.

NEWish Streetwear page is our online shop where we – fashiondiy – collaborated with a sustainable clothing company. Enabling us to offer on-demand clothing ethically sourced printed to order with our original artwork.

Lastly, we’ll be adding more to our Blog extra news so stay tuned.

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