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Vintage is often misused as the word vintage should really refer to a wine and state the date of the wine but it is nowadays used to apply to other items usually over forty years of age and less than a hundred! If the object is aged a hundred years or more then it is considered an antique. Another word we often hear is the word retro or retro modern which generally means vintage style maybe not old enough to be true vintage or not aged but clearly of an era gone by that has had a chance to come back into fashion/style. A replica dress reminiscent of the 50's style could state 50's retro modern style or an original - Vintage 1950's dress. Items should be listed as specific as possible. A lot of second-hand clothing (vintage sounds so much better) businesses also upcycle items to make them fit into current fashion trends a lot of the companies we mention below have their own in-house teams upcycling/recycling the clothing they are selling. You could also try this check your environment maybe something fashionable from another decade is within your reach ... look for strong fabrics, mix up the textures, be brave, defiant with colour choices, break the rules, be you, be fashion, be original!! Try adapting your finds you can easily modernise with a little effort and a few ideas, or search these links they may have the perfect item for you'll also be supporting the ethical fashion movement by recycling. If that's of interest you may also like our DIY Ideas page


Personally love shopping at T.K. Maxx as you can always find something a little bit different this links to the Retro stuff but search deeper if you don't find what you're looking for - A great place to start a retro look is with a pair of jeans they don't have to be ancient but there are so many styles out there that will change the feel of your look have a glance here always find a pair of jeans at TK Maxx just don't always find the right size so perfect for shopping online here's a link to a wild variety of jeans in stock TK Maxx you can even return items to store if you need to or post back see all the details on their site but thought that would be quite useful to let you know. They have loads at great discounts here' some different styles from MIH, Levis and Nudie to name just a few from examples found on the link you'll find lot's of other current brands too.

TK Maxx Jeans MIHTK Maxx Jeans LevisTK Maxx Jeans Nudie

This is a perfect place for Vintage Shopping online check out the online fashion marketplace that's dedicated to selling fashion and accessories direct from the World famous Portobello Market and other fashion markets such as Spitalfields, Camden and Brick Lane. Check out their Vintage page Pretaportabello Love this shearling 1990's coat check for availablity or similar Coats and Jackets

Within the Pretaportabello web site you'll find a Vintage section and different places to shop one area we like is the marketplace where we discovered Born On Main Street love all the pieces they have on display so worth a look Born On Main Street such as these two we handpicked a vintage leather skirt and velvet playsuit but have a look for more.

Pretaportabello Born On Main Street Vintage Leather SkirtPretaportabello Born On Main Street Velvet Playsuit

We also liked quite a few pieces from the market stall LFF Boutique such as the 1990's scarf print bomber jacket and shearling coat
Pretaportabello LFF Boutique 1990s Scarf Print Bomber JacketPretaportabello LFF Boutique Shearling Coat

Discovered a couple of websites that you might want to check out for buying, selling or swapping your clothing and accessories, first one is for luxury designer clothing Hardly Ever Worn It also known as HEWI they even have pages dedicated for goods that people are looking for worth a look.

Another one is Vinted with lots of active users sell swap or buy at You can selll for free and use your earnings to shop at Vinted, or have money paid into your bank account, or swap your clothes with others. Buyers pay a small service charge.

Have just been looking online and discovered that Oxfam have a very well organized web site and another great place to go dipping for a vintage treat they have thousands of classics, designer, brands of clothing accessories and other vintage goods you know your money is going to a worthwhile cause too check it out Oxfam 'Every Action You Take Helps End Poverty' and if you don't find anything to purchase you're likely to find a spot of inspiration something to make you feel good.

A cool place to search new vintage fashion companies is via asos always current and a great place to shop... will add a few later that we discovered added some cool looks to our new vintage pinterest page be adding many more ...

See our DIY ideas page for a few basic ideas on adapting clothes, you might fall in love with a vintage piece but not know what to do with it, is it adaptable... could you use part of with your imagination and remember fashion designers are always going back in history to move forward in fashion...have fun!

These are a few cool places to start with...

Check out Rokit they have an amazing wealth of treasures which began business with a market stall in Camden, London in 1986. They now have four cool London stores Camden, Covent Garden and two in Brick Lane.They have an in house recycle team who handcraft otherwise un useable vintage pieces into original ones at affordable prices. They have a fantastic site showing men's, women's, children's, recycled clothing and fashion accessories, find great barrel bags, vintage flannel shirts, denim including levi's, leather, suede, top brands to choose from, check out their leather mini skirts, rare denim and military styles, not forgetting favourite band tees, cool range of basketball vests even vintage wedding dresses, have fun shopping you name it go search their site ...Awesome here's the link

Another great place Beyond Retro these guys began business in a disused dairy in East London, building a reputation for innovation, with a rock 'n' roll heart. The staff are creative in sourcing original wares and said to often kick start trends. Their stores offer vintage styles through the decades. The vibrant spirit of the original East London scene is key to each of their stores now located in first up Brick Lane, Dalston, Soho, Brighton, also in Sweden-Stockholm and Gothenburg! Check out their vintage prom looks vintage festival wow some awesome fashion items, with their own re-worked vintage Beyond Retro line.Here we go a bit of fashionable nostalgia here's the link

More Blitz opened in 2011 in a Victorian warehouse just off Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London, it's claim 'the world's largest vintage department store' the two storey building holds a huge collection of vintage clothing, re-made and customised garments, shoes, bags, accessories, music, home-ware, artwork on display and you can collect your designing thoughts at the in house coffee bar. Perfect! They have received global recognition for their products ranging from retro sportswear, traditional Japanese kimono's a mass of vintage denim and have been featured in Vogue, Dazed and Confused also Elle magazine. Here's the link to online store.

COW has shops in four cool UK cities: Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham all selling handpicked items to suit their shop and vintage shopping experience. Their clothing is sourced worldwide, they also sell reworked clothing by their own Rework Team. They have an online shop We Are Cow featuring the same one-off vintage range and their We Are Cow line and inspire you to get your own individual style. There site is fun and current and you'll love all the photoshoots and interaction going on, spotted a gorgeous purple suede dress and a tartan coat whilst having a browse .Here's the link to online store.

ARMSTRONG iconic pre-owned clothing store in Edinburgh, established in 1840 with three shops in Edinburgh the Armstrongs Grassmarket is located in the shadows of Edinburgh Castle, one of the oldest streets in Edinburgh so well worth a visit if you're visiting Scotland. Armstrongs Vintage Emporium 'is like a tardis' full to the brim with clothing from every decade dating back to the Victorian era. Including many vintage handbags and accessories and even antique uniforms. Staff can help you piece your outfit together and also offer era inspired wigs to compliment the look. Here's the link to online store


We moved across the pond for a dip in New York Vintage this one has to be the ultimate source for the finest in vintage couture, designer clothing and accessories Their unprecedented collection caters closely to fashion's top stylists, a host of Hollywood celebrities, film, television and theatrical productions. They have a showroom in Chelsea, New York open to the public but also they offer an extensive private rental collection by appointment for red carpet and industry use. Wow. Here's the New York USA link to store.

Another New York City based company THE FAMILY JEWELS VINTAGE CLOTHING has a store in Chelsea, NYC and has been in the business for over thirty years earning a well deserved reputation as the finest vintage clothing store in New York and one of the best in the country filled with timeless clothing and accessories from the turn of the century to the early 1980's. Discover their vintage treasures, along with the international design houses, top fashion photographers and celebrities who have made discoveries here. Check their credits in International and American media publications, known as "one stop shop" for best of everything in American vintage clothing. Here's the link

More from New York City Screaming Mimis a favourite destination for designers searching inspiration, loved by models, fashion bloggers, and tourists. Since the late 1970's the store in NoHo, New York has been a popular treasure trove of highly curated period gems, accessories including handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and quirky classics. They also stock authentic costumes, perfect if you really want to stand out at a themed party. Screaming Mimis houses a private penthouse of cool, sought after designer items that you can view via their link on site for try Screaming Mimis main link here.

Canada now F AS IN Frank two cool locations in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario vintage clothing selected to specifically keep one step ahead of current street trends. Pushing boundaries, bringing fun and bridging the gap between costume and everyday fashion. Stocked with hundreds of vintage items including popular rock tees, flannel shirts, leather jackets, dresses, boots/shoes, military jackets, also design inspiration pieces. Such a cool company they even hold a fill-a-bag sale in the alley behind the shop, a few times a year. After these events hundreds of pounds of clothing are donated to the homeless of Vancouver and Toronto.. Support these guys! Check link here.

Just discovered a great website with a fabulous owner Veronica - Some Like It Vintage the site features authentic period items, some stunning lambswool coats vintage 1950's, wedding dresses all styles of dresses, clothing and accessories including some beautiful vintage bags (purses) Even some fancy vintage and retro tuxedos.Veronica donates 10 percent of the website sales to help women in need subjected to domestic violence, something that Veronica has been subjected to and had therapy for including karate classes which helped get Veronica to where she can focus on the future hoping to turn her wonderful online shop into a 'brick-and-mortar one'. Veronica contuinues to help others through talks to local high schools and is hoping to write related articles. You can check online shop check link here and read more on - Veronica based in Toronto and Montreal, Canada
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