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Independent Original Music Artist Showcase

Check out these Awesome all genre Music Artists that we have selected to showcase mostly independent and discovered through twitter, there's something for everyone, check music links out here. We've so many musicians following it's great fun updating page. If you think you've got something awesome we should hear or share send your details to us and follow on twitter easy that way! Please support/share our page very much appreciated you can also connect with ... e-mail if you prefer
Enjoy the awesome music links if you check out on youtube make sure to leave a like, and positive comments, follow the music artist sure they'd appreciate it ... no haters just don't bother!

Check out Venue Kings for concerts in USA also Top Sports Top Concerts and Top Shows - including:
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Drake, Adele, Kanye
in the USA

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions Million Miles Away

Tourist Attractions latest single just released 1 July 2016 'Million Miles Away' lyrics by lead singer Daniel Walsh Music by Tourist Attractions and produced by Sugarhouse Music. Dan told us 'The song is about escaping to another place with someone that you love; being in that bubble and hoping that it’s the right path for you, even though your gut instinct is telling you that you want this love for the rest of your life. Love, excitement, frustration and scepticism.' Why, why it's full of excitement, energetic guitars which fully compliment the depth of the vocals think you'll love it whether you're into hard indie rock style or for fans who like the softer edge and great lyrics the band are pushing forward going places check them out now it's always fun to follow a band on their way up and show some support on their journey an unstoppable four piece Indie Rock Band out of Manchester - who are Dan, Oliver, Connor and Rory. Love this Million Miles Away on soundcloud and why not follow on twitter for their latest music news.


Nishe Band Music Page

Cutting Edge Indie Rock band out of London, Giovanni Zappa lead vocals, guitar and electronics, Harold Wilson bass and Nicolas Py on drums check out their latest music video 'Out Of Place' love it from latest EP 'Underlaps' and another cool music video filmed in New York 2015 'Lose Control' loud great energy indie industrial electronic with clear lead vocals follow on twitter for latest gigs
Underlaps EP available on iTunes

Marcio Novelli Album Cover

Marcio Novelli
Love the way we find music artists to showcase via twitter followers we were sent a link to a Bridge The Atlantic podcast which Marcio Novelli was co presenting with Ross Barber turned out they were interviewing music industry expert Judy Stakee whose book The Songwriters Survival Guide we already wanted to promote we tweeted we loved it and were sent a link to an awesome award winning documentary well worth taking time out to view, interesting for all and beneficial for independent musicians. Follow the path and you'll find great music Marcio Novelli Toronto, Canada follow on twitter
Doctor, Please Music Video Or you can view more go subscribe on youtube here's one more This Song Is Not For You Music Video


Kerrie-Anne Pray for Peace Runnin' Cover

Kerri-Anne Video Image Pray For Peace Runnin'

Kerrie-Anne you may recognise Kerrie-Anne Phillips from the XFactor Judges Houses with Simon Cowell 2015, here she is performing a stunning cover of 'Runnin' a truly beautiful voice and an emotional video ' A tribute to the lives that were lost in the recent International Attacks' Follow Kerrie-Anne on twitter we hope you'll share her message - we also wish and hope for world peace.
Music Video

Careless Sons

Careless Sons

lOvE tHiS iNdIe PoP rOcK bAnD
great sound lyrics - check them out
AwEsOmE love all their songs ...
follow on twitter for latest gigs and music leaks and also on iTunes


hanshotfirst music

'We Fall Down' first song from debut album
'To Those We Have Loved And Lost' sounds awesome have a listen cool new music UK
Melodic Alternative Rock out of Guildford, Surrey Album released 22 August 2015 through
'Rose Coloured Records' Follow on twitter Love this band great tones and lyrics check out music video



Love this remix 'Me Myself and I' featuring Sash Ellis ... Brilliant
Peltsman latest music via his website

Love it ... British Rapper great lyrics too
MTV Brand New Unsigned
Finalist 2014
follow on twitter

Beautiful Soulful Edgy Voice of
Serena Soya

'A London girl with a passion, who loves to sing and write, writing what's real and esacping all that
isn't' go follow Serena on twitter

Check out Soundcloud

Youtube cool video very catchy
'The Tunnel' a soulful song
about standing up for yourself
from Illuminated EP
'I see a light in the tunnel ahead' love it.
Available on iTunes

Chris King Robinson

Check out Chris King Robinson he's got seriously Awesome guitar skills makes it look so easy too, check out Chris King Robinson Band youtube channel for last gig from recent USA 'Tell Me Why You're Scared' Tour find more music links and info on his web we've added a blog to show Chris off in his new stylish mode loving the new look
Update September 2015...'Tell Me Why You're Scared' No1 iTunes Blues Chart Congratulations guys ... follow Chris on twitter with over 600K fans

Like Monroe

Like Monroe
Awesome Post Hardcore Band
out of Houston, Texas
Listen and watch here youtube
Great balance and cool look
watch the video keep an ear
out for these guys ...
Check this band out follow on


Join us and support the style and
movement of this Cool New Artist
2014 AIM Rock Artist Nominee
Follow on Twitter
Listen to
WAR (Call of Duty) by Mustard
Click here for music link

Fire Tiger Band
Lead Singer - Tiffany Alkouri

Fire Tiger Energy Album cover
Music video Energy
Awesome Pop Rock Band out of
Los Angeles, USA
A great energetic retro 80s feeling
check out you won't be disappointed
Follow Tiff on twitter & Fire Tiger


Sheet Music
Bruno Mars
When I Was Your Man

Nagano City Street Band

Nagano City Street Band


UK based independent music artist
Light Without Shade EP soundcloud

Post - Rock/ Trip- Hop youtube

follow on twitter


Songs from the heart and soul of
South London.
Check them out on soundcloud


Mr Official Levi kickstarted
the music page freestyle to
'JSquad' Krumpbeat
Click here for video
Also love this fun video link
so cool Levi vs FreshFlowz
a dance battle link here
Not sure what happened
to the twitter link sadly not
active ...

Jep Roadie

Jep Roadie

'Jam Jam' 'A Milliion Feelings'
and more
follow on twitter @IamJProD
Newsflash ....Awesome Music Artist
Amazing Lyrics
Language WARNING Haha you'll love it
fast and furious INTENSE
check out follow etc etc
Soundcloud Music link here

Check out Sabrina on

Electronic Dance Music Artsit
SABRINA SIGNS out of California
Love 'Emotions' track have a listen
and look her up on website to see
her background..Sabrina should be
proud she hasn't had it easy ...
got to love the attitude and love the
energy ... follow on twitter

fashion diy music page flint bedrock

Flint Bedrock
Multi talented cool singer songwriter
rapper and producer Follow on twitter
check out Dreamer Music video



Check out L-Marie Cooke

Love this brings a fresh raw sound to UK electro rap music
Soundcloud Music 'Clutch it'


fashiondiy music page marc william

Unique soulful sound that is
Marc William singer songwriter from Glasgow
now based in London on soundcloud click here

The Voice audition here The one that got away!
Hoping he'll give it another go follow on twitter


Beautiful voice love 'Inside Your Soul'
'Sweet Soul, RnB meets catchy Pop'
plus songwriter Natalie Brown
Canadian currently calling Toronto home
loads of info on site check out here

follow on twitter

Femi Santiago

Beautiful soulful voice
see The Voice audition here
'My Cherie Amour'

'Giving My Rose To You'
acoustic feel
an original song music link here
Femi Santiago great voice
awesome music too...
follow on twitter


Free Downloadable App

Tune your guitar and also a guitar tab
Guitar Chords to learn and play ....


Listen to the beautiful voice and her
own original songs and music ...
Lena Stefon
from Grandville, Michigan
follow her on twitter
CD 'All Is Not Lost'
available to purchase on iTunes
you can listen to samples click here
for music link


Guardians Of Dust

Listen to their music on soundcloud

'A Rock band based in London UK
their music is a melodic grunge rock
with powerful tunes and soulful lyrics'

We agree!! Love this band great music
great sound listen to their music out..
follow on twitter

fashiondiy music page She was loud

She Was Loud

Cool band from Melbourne, Australia
download their EP for free music
check music link listen here'All along the way'
Soulful, awesome, chill out enjoy the music
follow on twitter


K.I.D. 'Hate Me'

Rap Artist video via
WAENGANG music have a
listen ...

click here for music link

Kristen Meredith

Musician, artist, singer, songwriter
out of Caifornia
Chill out mellow music

Check out cool original sounds youtube
'waves' listen here

follow on twitter

click link here to Kristen's website


Courtyards - Go Down

Courtyards are: Matt Riley - vocals, guitar, lyrics. Callum Usher - lead guitar, Luke Allcock - drums, Mort Pavlitski - keys/synth, and Morgan Senior - bass. An awesome Alternative Indie Rock Band out of Huddersfield, UK they met at uni and formed Courtyards in January 2015 despite only being together for a short length of time they sound really tight, check out follow on Twitter be first to find out about new music plus when and where they are performing turn up the music and lose yourself in it. Great job Courtyards keep the music and lyrics coming. Look forward to hearing more. Also follow Courtyards on
Soundcloud purchase via iTunes and go on and like find out more on Facebook

Facing West

Facing West Music

These two teenage sisters Caitlin and Sidney are so talented originally from Florida now living, writing, playing, recording and performing when they're not busy snow boarding in their stunning setting overlooking Denver, Colorado. They write their own songs and also have some amazing covers on their youtube channel, really love the acoustic cover of Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay and here we've linked to an awesome original Ghost of which there are many too many to choose from check out and follow them on their journey with their Alternative Country Rock Music listen and follow on Soundcloud follow on twitter and one more loads of info on their website facingwest .com


Office Girls

Office Girls

'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' a great original track from the Office Girls ft Twissman check out their vivacious music video
Office Girls, London UK members are Miss Bombshell, Miss Nova, Miss Dime Diva, Miss Mocha, Miss Vixen the girls sound great this song is an upbeat catchy pop song destined to be danced to, but they are not afraid to tackle current issues in their songs either, including an earlier one about sexual harassment in the workplace
Follow on twitter
Pre order their remix album on iTunes

It wouldn't be a music page if we didn't repost this, actually added to our fun to follow page on David Bowie's Birthday Friday 8 January 2016
RIP David Bowie 8 January 1947 - 10 January 2016 Thank you for all your inspiration, words can help but are never enough, at times like this thinking need more sound and vision. David Bowie legend, icon, music, fashion, fun, style, film, innovator. From Blackstar your timely creativity lives on. View here Lazurus

David Bowie Lazurus Still

Buy Blackstar on iTunes


Patrick Doval Music

Patrick Doval
'Everywhere She Goes'
Awesome Original Fun Love It, hard to compare Patrick Doval lets just say reminds me of a handful of faves all original in their own right it's rock it's pop it's indie, its arty its fun the video's great too and such a talent Patrick writes, plays, sings, directs and edits hard to choose a video also really loved an older 'Don't Let Me Go' great video! and then also based on the 1933 King Kong film watch and enjoy 'Manipulation' brilliant
Patrick Doval - Miami, USA follow on twitter


Jordan Jansen

Jordan Jansen Shadow

Jordan Jansen
Australian Gold Coast Pop Teen Idol
fandom #Jordaneers
Check out amazing covers on youtube since Jordan was eleven years old added an original latest 'I'm Over You' Official Lyric music video

Follow on twitter along with 750K others!



Rapper, Actor and Activist from
Los Angeles
fandom are known
as #Rebelz

Love the lyrical rap a reflection on
hard times, hard times that many
have to face, follow Malikai on his
journey, "stand up against injustice
oppression, have a voice, self dignity
and respect ..." Love it ...

Follow on twitter check out sounds 'Trials Of A Youngsta' soundcloud


We love Kat Dahlia follow here twitter

Check out music here out of Miami a beautiful Cuban-American with an orignal sound writes her own stuff and is just herself with a rap edge ... love her


Also the awesome Thomas Fiss on twitter

Check out Thomas Fiss on youtube MTV Buzzworthy and Vevo featured music artist out of Los Angeles, California

Sheet Music link for Adele's
'Someone Like You'


'Life Is In Your Hands'
love this video check it out

Puppet Rebellion

We love this independent band an impressive Manchester Band with awesome lyrical content, think they'll be stomping up the charts anytime soon check them out ...
on twitter
'Watch Me Fall'
music with more than one hook
youtube music video here



Ilona moved to UK ten years ago with her mother and was discovered by chance by music producer/composer Tony Moore she formed a 5 piece band of same name and has a beautiful country rock feel her early inspiration being Shania Twain check out their latest lyric video Beautiful Country here

Follow on twitter


Sheet Music for
'Jar Of Hearts'
Christina Perri

The Mantells
Cool Indie Band out of Manchester UK
'Men In Suits' music video
Tom Barrow - Vocals/Guitar
Dale Moran - Backing Vocals/Bass
Lewis Moran - Backing Vocals/Drums

The Mantells

Follow on twitter

Check out this awesome UK Rock group
The Afterparty love their videos and sound try this music link here
'Open Road'
They've disbanded but music lives on follow for hopeful updates such a shame we hope they get back together (September 2015)

Follow on twitter follow and check out tour dates...

Check out Dirty Cakes Band love them listen to their awesome music Never Alone EP via music link here

Love this band out of Los Angeles California original awesome rock psychedelic grunge

so Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band Dirty Cakes Band ... check above link

Follow on twitter



Manchester based four piece band a
beautifully honest blend of
AlternativeRock and Indie Folk
with strong lyrics and dynamics ...
great music love the video too.

'All That I Know' click here
cool video great sound
Follow on twitter

Order a Custom Logo -
Stand Out From The Rest ...

Angus Powell

Angus Powell Music

UK Music Artist Singer songwriter follow on twitter
new EP here 'Monsters'
Unique voice focus on writing and self recording in Wales sharing time between London and mid Wales
Latest Awesome Music Video


Listen to the beautiful voice of Londoner
Paul Raj
'Soul singer who fuses jazzy harmonies with emotional vocals' brilliantly done

Minnie Riperton 'Loving You' cover music

Rihanna 'Stay' cover music

Awesome voice and music

AK - New Artist making music people can relate to...
AK ‘Patience’
Love this too really cool click here for video link...
Follow on Twitter
Listen Downloadfashiondiy



Another beautiful and cool sound from

Ms Stunna out of Detroit...difficult to choose a track, really love 'Song Cry' and 'The One' give her a listen - 'Stick Up' ft. Johnnie Apeshxt Bananerrz think have to put a warning about some of the lyrics, know that won't put you off but maybe don't blast it out in the wrong company ...have fun

Reverbnation music



Click here for video link

Heavy Melodic Rock Band from the
San Francisco Bay Area
'Follow us we will light up your life,
we have fire in our hands'
follow on twitter


Alex Jay

Check this dude Gorgeous ... 18 year old R&B/Pop Alex Jay

I Wont Break Your Heart

or maybe he will! follow on twitter

Calli Malpas

Distinct raw sound of singer songwriter and moving performer whether singing covers or her own songs. Awesome acoustic performer.
Active in Kent & Outer London
venues follow on twitter to see where she's performing ...

follow on twitter

click link here

IK Multimedia - iRig UA


Fashion diy team at Angel concert
Under the Bridge
15 April 2013
The atmosphere was great up close and personal, here's one of our shots. Big Thank You to Angel and his team also his supporting act Charlie Brown
featuring Miss D, we had an amazing night great fun and cool music


Broadway Sheet Music

Amuse Society



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