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Fun to follow (Twitter)

Fun Stuff Twitter Tips and People Who You Might Like To Follow

Always adding fun stuff we come across so thought this website link the perfect fit they sell mainly tee's hoodies all sizes, great quality and a trusted site we've more of their stuff scattered across various pages but this is perfect for now in a world where you can't mention your opinion without getting hounded this one says it all for current UK problems so thought this would be fun if you're on this page they also have the same message on a T-Shirt and also many more fun even offensive and all sorts via 'Shot Dead In The Head' a popular trusted site have a butchers (look)

Shot Dead In The Head Leave Remain Wine MUG
Leave Remain Wine MUG

More MUGS (don't visit without a sense of humour - still laughing)

We added some fun pins over on our Pinterest Fun Stuff Board check it out things that made us laugh from all over the place, there's some fun pins from children oh how the innocent child must make the teacher giggle;
Q: In a Word Describe School A: HELL there's also lots of animal pictures and much more go on have a break.

Now that's got to be fun Top Gear Track Experiences with Red Letter Days Star in a reasonably priced car ...
RED LETTER DAYS Top Gear Track Expereince

or famous circuit track racing


BOOK NOW Track Experiences

Check out all the different experiences available via Red Letter Days pick a voucher if it's a gift you can forward an evoucher (exchangable if unwanted) vouchers valid for a year (and possibly longer) read all the information available see what suits your needs best there's lots to choose from. Have fun, clunk click.

Laughing Is Good For You So Have FUN

Nigella Lawson BBC RecipesJames Martin  BBC RecipesJamie Oliver Recipes BBC

We're doing our bit to keep the BBC Food web site up there on search because a whole lot of people love to connect to it looking for favourite recipes here's the link keep BBC Recipes in the ranks without the BBC having to pay to do so. We all love to eat, cook or be cooked for online access to recipes is always appreciated check out all the recipes from Saturday Kitchen, The Great British Bake Off, Masterchef and more see what the CEO Ollie Lloyd at Great British Menu has to say about it too they also have some tasty recipes to check out
BBC Food - some of our favourite recipes

RED LETTER DAYS - pioneers of the gift experience concept since 1989.

Grab a night out for 2 (or more) in London 'The Comedy Carnival showcases the very best in stand-up comedy every week. These side-splitting shows regularly feature stand-up comedy stars from Live At The Apollo and Mock The Week' featuring headliners and up and coming rising stars on Thursday nights in Leicester Square or Hammersmith London in a fun, up close atmosphere. If you're of a nervous disposition don't sit in the front row! Other options offers and venues including Jongleurs see link for more info if a gift you can have an evoucher sent to email of your choice, all vouchers are valid for one year and many are able to be extended beyond, you can also exchange any unwanted gifts. Check link for additional information and believe you need to PRINT CONFIRMATION as ticket. For £30 for 2 you get a night out 5 or 7 hours of fun depending on comedy night out selected, arrive on time to find good seats, and stay and dance the night away afterwards, most venues have food and bar facilities at additional cost, see more detail on their link below and have fun.
Comedy Night Out For 2 Leicester Square

Red Letter Days Comedy Night Out for 2 London

Fun to follow (Twitter)

How to gain followers, a few tips to get you started things that seemed to work for us...
Therefore an Idiots Guide this is not a How To Do It Guide, More what worked for us and a few suggestions and things we uncovered along the way. Firstly guessing you've already started your own account if not go here first for basics from the professionals.
Getting Started With Twitter Here
Make sure you have an image uploaded that you're happy with it doesn't have to be you but best to not pretend to be someone else (if you are you need to state fan account or fake whatever be honest) even fan accounts get many followers as long as you follow and tweet content relative to who you are a fan of, that's what your followers want to see, include links to articles RT others we've had many impressive faves RT's and followers since we started. Getting started there were so many markers your first ten followers then twenty, fifty etc it can get quite addictive but the more you tweet the more likely you are to get followers. Follow a few friends and family and remember if someone searches your account they can see who you chose to follow and the order so don't follow one mate and leave the other one out til you've got to fifty unless they're not offended which they shouldn't be really. It's all up to you just making some pointers. You'll suddenly get jumps we had over 400 one Saturday it was nuts the whistle was getting exhausted on the Samsung. At that point we'd gone past 2,000 if I remember rightly, 2000 being a KEY number and rotten place to get caught out but more on that later.

Points we'll cover and more...

Gaining Followers Naturally
What To Tweet
Who To Follow

What/Why Should I ReTweet (RT)
What About Favouriting
Should I Comment or Not
Why Can't I Follow
Staying Out Of Trouble

OK will be adding a link later to answer these questions, if you're on this page don't forget to check out some of the fun links...

Here's the blog give us the thumbs up if you like it! Thanks.

Now fun celebrities to follow

Rusty Rockets Fun to follow

We've added other media places that we discovered fun stuff you might like. As we mentioned before we love to follow this rather cute, funny and often said to be controversial ......Russell Brand follow on twitter @rustyrockets he has over eight million followers, he doesn't follow many but does RT for good causes... Russell our good cause is we bring people together, we promote our followers and don't keep them for ourselves, we are kind, caring, inoffensive most of the time and we showcase our followers. Fancy following day, keep us in mind?

People to follow on twitter for different reasons ...

Wish List
David Beckham wish he was on twitter but pretty sure he isn't, if he's hiding out there somewhere please let us know...

David Beckham Ball Boy at Wimbledon June 2015

Any one for tennis can the man do no wrong check out video link what Golden ball boy David Beckham did at Wimbledon 2015

Thank you for following ... wow followers ...

Laughter is good for you make sure you have fun, make time for it you can start by sharing fun stuff with others that is an easy way to break the ice and being a friend with very little effort, make someone happy it's actually very good for your health too, a great form of stress relief also laughter lines are far more attractive than wrinkles ...

Not sure who to follow here's a few celebrities to follow on twitter who TWEET

Quite possibly fave most beautiful and fun singer has to go to Nicole Scherzinger she's amazing and adore her on the XFactor not only is she naturally beautiful always looks stunning she has an amazing voice and a caring attitude there enough said we love this lady.

Nicole Scherzinger @NicoleScherzy
When you are born in a world you don't fit in, it's because you were born to help create a new one.

Well just discovered on Twitter she knows how to have fun and dishes it out in bucketloads lol

Chrissy Teigen @ChrissyTeigen
@ lowell conrad says my cook book ideas are stupid

and her equally gorgeous other half a little more music focus and political tweeting going on but newsworthy.

John Legend @johnlegend
"We'll make this our kingdom, somewhere where good love conquers and not divides"

Have recently been noticing more tweets from J.K. Rowling love the fact she sticks up for own beliefs and faces the trolls head on she's also very sweet about noticing when others say nice things about her or her work. People like this are the reason why Twitter towers above facebook (opinion) but when trolls are nasty it ruins it for everyone, luckily J.K. Rowling shows how to deal with it, she does have that magic touch.

J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling
Never, ever be flippant in your Twitter bio. No good can come of it

Ultimate Silver Fox Schofield although he doesn't look a day over 30 how does he do it, aged like a good wine must be his fun factor.

Phillip Schofield @Schofe
If you're pedantic or professionally outraged... jog on! if ur interested in food & wine check out @SchofeOnWine - snapchat phillipschofe

Arguably the best chat host of all especially with the group chats he has and the celebrities coup his personal account also links to his editorial agony aunt role or Lifestyle - Well being as they call it for The Telegraph Graham Norton's advice so well worth a follow

Graham Norton @grahnort
Chatting slowly towards the grave. White wine please

and to keep up with the guests and also new film releases!
The Graham Norton Show @TheGNShow
The Graham Norton Show on Twitter. Yep, there's actually a team that helps put this show together Friday's 10:35pm on BBC1

Salma Hayek on The Graham Norton Show clip

Salma Hayek on The Graham Norton Show 3 June 2016 looking amazing in this clip she's talking about why she was scared to tell her husband she picked up another stray
Salma Hayek on The Graham Norton Show

Surprisingly clean and interactive tweets from the amazing chef Gordon Ramsay, we love all the things he does and he even followed us on twitter so Yippee Ki Yay M ...

Gordon Ramsay @GordonRamsay
Somewhere always near food

Boy George is great at interacting with his fans just don't abuse the situation, don't think he'd be best pleased - and rightly so Go say Hi - he's pretty cool about sending Birthday Wishes too!

Boy George @BoyGeorge
Singer, DJ, Artist, Brand Ambassador, SGI Buddhist Management Legends 10 contact

Never thought we'd say this but he's fun to follow and outspoken to say the least you need to check out when twitter goes nuts and try and make sense of what Kanye's saying at least he knows what he's doing and gets everyone tweeting ... He has had a turbulent year and currently having a rest after cancelling his tour for possibly exhaustion and no doubt stress related to Kim and what she went through in Paris. We allow for the mad rants, you should too.

KANYE WEST @kanyewest

and you might as well follow his partner in crime often posting nude selfies and breaking the internet knows how to get a reaction! Must say since the traumatic robbery in Paris this year Kim has been quiet and we do miss her and wish her all the best - we look forward to hearing from Kim on twitter

Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian
where I'm meant to be

Adele may not tweet so often but her tweets are true to her including the odd **** word

Adele @Adele

Adele and James Corden Carpool Karaoke In London

Here's more Carpool Karaoke fun this time James Corden picks up Adele whilst in London it's brilliant and James impresses Adele with his singing too. Plus a little Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj tunes #AdeleCarpoolKaraoke

Adele as Jenny BBC 20 November 2015  Graham Norton

Adele as Jenny
Adele at the BBC 20 November 2015 with Graham Norton watch Adele as she auditions as an Adele impersonator as Jenny - make sense lol watch this BBC iPlayer link

Our lovely Cheryl V Cole often interacts with her followers so be extra kind she's watching you too, she's not afraid to speak her mind too although at the moment keeping a little mum!

Cheryl @CherylOfficial
Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage,not weakness - Katherine Henson

Mikey Bolts @MikeyBolts
Youtuber Voice Guy Friend to most mammals (see Adele - Hello - sung in cartoon voices)

You can follow Russell Brand he is always up to something.

Russell Brand @rustyrockets

Sad news today 4 June 2016
RIP Muhammad Ali 1942 -2016
The twitter account continues to honor the legacy and share relevant news as before.

Muhammad Ali @MuhammadAli
Tweets Originating from The Champ Himself Have the Hashtag #AliTweet

Tweets are strong, values are strong wears his heart on his time line. @iamwill
" ... i.can ... i.will"

Ed took a break, but he's back

Ed Sheeran @edsheeran

Taylor Swift shares a lot of news on twitter so if you want to check the rumours go to the right place.

Taylor Swift @taylorswift13
"Born in 1989"

Justin Bieber @justinbieber
'Let's make the world better'
What's cool is how many fans he follows back

Justin Biber and James Corden Late Late Show Go Shopping Carpool Karaoke 2

Justin and James Go Shopping
Carpool Karaoke Part 2 18 Nov 2015 Incredibly Justin Bieber meets up with James Corden for singing, car waves and shopping fun, Bieber's really getting into the British sense of humour nowadays! They're both looking great and such fun. Huge Waves ...

Justin Bieber on Chatty Man November 2015

Justin Bieber has his favourite interview (that's what he tweeted Nov 6 and he does appear relaxed) with none other than scatty Chatty Man as they try to break a fun Malteser world record Alan Carr - Chatty Man

Carpool Karaoke James Corden and Jusitn Bieber the Late Late Show

This is fun gotta love James Corden (Twitter @JKCorden ) doing an amazing job on The Late Late Show in Los Angeles here's a link to a fun carpool karaoke session with the awesome Justin Bieber makes Justin look like a normal loveable cool dude James & Justin

Go on Gary stick it to them, always a fan of people not scared to air their views and shout out to the wrong doers.

Gary Lineker
"Once kicked a ball about. Now talk about kicking a ball about. Still flogging spuds."

Iwan Thomas MBE @Iwanrunner
" Used to run round in a circle now pop up on the tele box. Once breakdanced live on the BBC dance floor.. All my views no offence intended instagram: iwanrunner"

Greg also a star of Strictly Come Dancing 2016 partnered with Natalie Lowe, sadly voted out on the ninth week after Blackpool week. But didn't he dance well.

Greg Rutherford @GregJRutherford
"Dad Olympic Champion 2012 Commonwealth Champ European Champ British Champ Long Jump Record Holder (8.51m)"

Everyone knows he's the exceptional retired French footballer with Va Va Voom.

Thierry Henry @ThierryHenry
Amateurs call it genius. Masters call it practice.

Simon Cowell @SimonCowell

Liam now partnered with Cheryl, we wasn't expecting that and now also appears the cute couple are expecting a baby - Congratulations. Once had a running twitter conversation with Liam about his dog Loki, so always a fave of ours lol

Liam @Real_Liam_Payne
"99% of the time ihave no idea what's going on"

The eldest of the group, the first father of the group he is passionate about his local football team, Doncaster Rovers having played for the reserve team and almost became part owner although that didn't go through he continues to be involved and supportive of the club.

Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson
"1/4 of One Direction :) we would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you"

Niall Horan @NiallOfficial
"Back on the road again, gona be an incredible year"

Harry Styles

Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver
"Official Jamie Oliver"

Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow
"Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they're spectacular"

Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the 'Medal Of Freedom' at the White House in November by Barack Obama - America's highest civilian hon our, along with Tom Hanks and many more respected people see below for the video and press link. Barack Obama said of Ellen he was getting "choked up" as he awarded Ellen the medal and praised Ellen for risking her career when she came out as gay on national television back in 1997.

David Walliams @davidwalliams
Little Britain/Come Fly With Me/Britain's Got Talent/Big School/Partners In Crime/children's author/Comic Relief trustee."

Hugh Grant @HackedOffHugh

Well we love Hugh Grant's charm and wit and he likes to get stuff off his chest on twitter especially rants towards media some great fun films possible favourite 'Notting Hill' that one could watch on repeat.

Tom Cruise @TomCruise
Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981

What an array of brilliant films too well worth checking in on what Mr. Cruise is filming and tweeting about. Recently released (October) Jack Reacher - Never Go Back the anticipated fast paced sequel to Jack Reacher 2012 and we've got 'The Mummy' due out 9 June 2017 at least in the USA hopefully same date in UK the trailer looks amazing more airborne stunts and edge of the seat action. Plus many more on the way.

Leonardo DiCaprio @LeoDiCaprio
"Actor and Environmentalist"

We love healthy fighting talk and Leonardo he can do no wrong. Fights for what he believes and uses his power to get strong messages out there. If anyone needed a bit of motivation start acting on it.

Richard Branson @richardbranson
"Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin'

Samuel L. Jackson @SamuelLJackson

Christy Turlington @CTurlington
"Mom, Wife, Daughter, Yogi, Marathoner, Founder @everymomcounts, Author, Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice, Model, I tweet about Global Maternal Health.

Tom Hanks @tomhanks
"I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live you know?"

Love to follow Tom Hanks who just received the 'Medal Of Freedom' November 2016 from Barack Obama who presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honour, to Tom Hanks and more influential performers, scientists and athletes that had impressed him  for their work that made them famous and the charitable and humanitarian efforts and goals. He described Hanks as 'America's Dad' and "Tom has always saved his best role for real life. He is a good man, which is the best title you can have." See more on the story and video link via 21/11/16 The Telegraph online

Tom Hanks and Carly Rae Jepson I Really Like You

Love Tom Hanks? Oh yes ...
Love this video check out Carly Rae Jepson - I Really Like You starring Tom Hanks even got the Bieber in there too have a look great upbeat music video for Motivation I Really Like You
if you really love Tom Hanks check out below another James Corden fun video.

James Corden and Tom Hanks Movie Clips
James Corden and Tom Hanks
You gotta watch these what a career so far one of all time fave's and a sucker for
Toy Story's Woody too here is the link to 'James Corden and Tom Hanks Acting Out Tom's Filmography'.

Yes Hanks is Special

Ricky Gervais @rickygervais
"Movie Director. Writer. Actor. Stand Up Comedian. Creator of The Office, Extras, Derek, An Idiot Abroad, The Ricky Gervais Show. Animal Avenger. Godless Ape."

This one's Marmite but we say yes! Great come backs to abusive tweets ...
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
"One day you're the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster'

The following three are quite a banter driven trio on Instagram too

Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall
I'm a comedian.

Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff @flintoff1
Check him out here belting out 'In The Ghetto' during a cricket match ...follow on twitter he's always up to something
Freddie Sings Elvis

Robbie Savage @RobbieSavage8
These views are my own.

Danny Dyer @MrDDyer
'The World according to Danny Dyer. Life Lessons, from the East End.'

Danny Dyer Does Safety LOndon Underground

We say Do It again Danny Dyer for London Underground Danny Dyer was asked to make the safety announcements over the tannoy for London underground station Bromley-by-Bow which sits on the map where Walford would be! for the Eastenders 30th anniversary show February 2015 Pucker
BBC Link

WARNING! This one is ADDICTIVE there's loads out there but you can bet on this one to follow is fun it's California based follow @midnight @midnight
Late Night Game Show hosted by Chris Hardwick @Hardwick on Comedy Central @ComedyCentral Home Of The #HashTagWars have a look what they're hashtagging and join in don't forget to RT and Fave or 'Like' with a little loveheart it will get you more followers there are also many more hashtag wars going on you can search around and join in...

joshingstern @joshingstern
Wronger of Writes. My sins are locked in for freshness. Author 'And That's Why I'm Single.' Comedy Blogger @Huffingtonpost Ranked #1,416 Top Twitter Account

Todd Spence @Todd_Spence
'Movie Buff Writer Editor for ' follow Todd on Twitter and check out YouTube also stumbled across a great website for gifts and stuff for home society6

Just because some of it's hilarious

The Poke @ThePoke
Time well wasted. UK

Just haha mostly relying on others stupidity you could easily lose a few hours in the day logging on here.

Amazon Movie Reviews @AmznMovieRevws
Not affiliated with Amazon. Some reviews are cropped. Created by @ChiefSosa84. Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher - Facing the Critics.

Lots of fun animal pics and thoughts and many more fun tweets.

Mike Clarke @Mr_Mike_Clarke
Eater of Cheese. Journalist & Film Critic (@espmagazine). Regional Fundraising Manager (@MidlandsDUKBHF). Aspiring Filmmaker. Not an Australian Cricketer.

Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien
The voice of the people. Sorry, people.
Los Angeles

For making me laugh when shouted out for humour got bucket loads from Liz

Liz Clark @madbushfarm
Liz is a writer, journalist, artist and I love cartooning. Company Director Wildlife Pictures 3 girls 7 a farm. New Zealand


Videos we think you'll love for different reasons

Catch the latest Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Lady Gaga, love how much effort Corden puts into it in fact all his karaoke carpools he really can sing. Lots of fun from Lady Gaga who gets behind the wheel at one point but how does James Corden feel when they swap seats lol.
Lady Gaga and James Corden Carpool Karaoke Late Late Show

Lady Gaga and James Corden

Love this Tom Cruise and James Corden Act Out a variety of awesome Cruise films/movies with a sense of humour - you'll love it.

Tom Cruise and James Corden Late Late Show Act out Cruise Movies

Tom Cruise and James Corden ACT

Oh who doesn't love a bit of XFactor great for tweeting along with although catching all the names is always tricky. We often #hashtag their first name and search for their @twitter name later.

XFactor Six Chair Challenge 24 September 2016 Christian and Matt

XFactor UK lovers check out a couple of the best (opinion) auditions here starting with Christian Burrows of Bolton who sings 'Feeling Good' adding his own rap twist fight for my dream, feeling good. Passionate performance during the Six Chair Challenge aired 25 September 2016 also features Matt Terry who really got drilled and held his own. Boys that got one of the six chairs were: Christian Burrows, Matt Terry, Nate Simpson, Niall Sexton, James Hughes and Freddy Parker.
UPDATE 24 November 2016
Who knew Matt Terry @MattTerry93 was going to be as awesome as he has been could be the winner of the XFactor 2016 now the only boy left think strongest competition left is with Louis and the bands 5 After Midnight @5AfterMidnight they've been amazing too week after week, Emily @emilymiddlemas_ has had her moments when she wowed and then there's Mrs O, Sharon Osbourne @MrsSOsbourne still with two arguably singers left in the competition, one of her contestants can really sing Saara Aalto @saaraaalto and she's growing on us, she has such a fun personality and then there's Honey G @The_Honey_G who seems to have upset the nation but not the panel hmm. Sure she's a lovely person but the act is just a little odd and frankly unbearable. We're entitled to an opinion and it's not meant to be personal we can't love every act equally. They are all so different. Still we're upset we didn't get to see Christian nail it week after week and would have loved to see Gifty go through to the final stages.
Christian Burrows Six Chair Challenge

XFactor Six Chair Challenge 24 September 2016 Gifty Louise

The girls were amazing too think they all did enough to get a chair a lot of swapping maybe a couple slipped away this was possibly favourite audition but it's a tough choice they were all so strong well we'll start with Gifty Louise what a great look as well as voice, loved some of the other passionate performances too. Girls that got one of the six chairs were: Gifty Louise, Olivia Garcia, Emily Middlemas, Caitlyn Louise, Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Soheila Clifford.
Gifty Louise Six Chair Challenge

Well we love James Corden so there's rather a lot of his -
The Late Late Show and Carpool Karaoke links here:

James Corden Late Late Show carpool karaoke but this time it's like a Red Hot Chilli Pepper concert you'll love it and a lawn fight ... June 2016

James Corden and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
James Corden and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

This is a sad day but thought we'd share a video because luckily legends live on Muhammad Ali
17 January 1942 - 3 June 2016

Muhammad Ali on ITV This Is Your Life Video

ITV Program 'This Is Your Life' from 1978 with a nervous looking host Eamonn Andrews about to surprise Muhammad Ali includes members of Muhammad's close family and friends and one of the only times he is often lost for words was searching for the awesome Parkinson Interviews and came across this gem. He states during video 'I feel like a little boy getting a new toy for Christmas.' Joe Frazier also leaves him astounded.

Buzzfeed The Try Guys try labor pain simulation

This one's been out a while had over 13M views a Buzzfeed Video The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation - Motherhood: Part 4 and they don't handle it so well lol it's watchable and a little bit of an eye opener for the guys.

James Corden Meets Candace Payne Chewbacca Mom

James Corden meets Candace Payne famous mum for the Chewbacca Mask Video that went Viral she's so much fun James meets Candace Payne

James Corden and Gwen Stefani

Carpool Karaoke James Corden and the stunning Gwen Stefani pick up surprise guests hmm ERr and a very pretty woman lols you'll know James Corden Gwen Stefani George Clooney and Julia Roberts

Turned out as you'll be well aware now that Kevin Simm won the series which from his audition it was clear he was a real contender from the beginning. We added these links from the final too, if you follow on the Voice on their youtube links (below) you'll see other great moments and artists too we couldn't add them all. Tear jerking collection from BBC The Voice 2016 no idea who is going to win with such strong contenders and a few would have loved in the final are no longer in the running and that's not taking anything away from who is as we'd have put them there too here's a few links to our fave moments

The Voice Kevion Simm Audition Moment Chandelier

Fave blind audition has to be
Kevin Simm - Chandelier

Fave Battles/Duets These duets will make you cry ...

The Voice Jordan v Theo Battle

Jordan Gray and Theo Llewellyn - This Woman's Work

The Voice Chloe v Alaric Battle

Chloe Castro and Alaric Green - Hope There's Someone

The Voice Cody V Heather Battle

Cody Frost and Heather Cameron-Hayes - Nothing Compares 2 U

Awesome Performances from The Live Semi-Finals 3 March 2016

The Voice Cody Frost Finals

Cody Frost - 'The Chain'

The Voice Jordan Finals

Jordan Gray - 'Dancing In The Dark'

Sia and James Corden Carpool Karaoke

Sia and James Corden Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke listen to Chandelier and Diamonds blow your socks off in Los Angeles, Feb 16 2016 bit of egg balancing and hair styling too.
Sia and James Corden

Chris Martin and James Corden Carpool Karaoke

More Carpool Karaoke this time on route to the Superbowl 50, San Francisco Feb 2016 and Chris Martin requests a lift to perform with Coldplay during the ever popular halftime break. Love it and James you're pretty good too ...
Chris Martin and James Corden

Noel Gallagher Video Interview with Jo Whiley

Sucker for Noel Gallagher in case you missed it check out interviewed by Jo Whiley for Radio 2 ahead of In Concert Set December 2015 did you know Noel recently discovered he's a cat person, talks about when he first met Chris Martin and leaving Oasis great interview Noel says it as it is.
Jo Whiley - Noel Gallagher

Jimmy Kimmel Trumped

Jimmy Kimmel Live - From the producers of 'The Producers' Starring Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Cloris Leachman. We may have to remove this later in the year but hope not it could become reality lol TRUMPED the musical coming to a theatre near you ... unless he gets wind of it - more deportations.

James Corden Take A Break ft Tyga

Take a Break: Million Dollar Listing
Part 1 Featuring James Corden, James Harris and interested buyer Tyga. David Parnes has allowed James Corden to step in for a couple of showings with his partner James Harris, hilarious James doesn't anticipate that JKC doesn't do anything by the book.

David Bowie Lazurus Blackstar Album

David Bowie - Lazarus

David Bowie 8 January 1947 - 10 January 2016
We uploaded this on David Bowie's 69th birthday was not expecting to have to edit the detail. A video that was hard to describe but makes a lot more sense now just love that David Bowie was genius enough to do this and share with his fans and know we all loved it ...
'This video Lazarus is from Blackstar the latest album from the iconic David Bowie released on his 69th birthday, 8 January 2016 interestingly he shares the same birthday as Elvis Presley '

Mikey Bolts Youtuber Adele Hello in cartoon  voices

Adele - Hello (Sung In Cartoon Voices)
Brought to you via fun Youtuber
Mikey Bolts - Impressions, Music Videos and more. New youtube videos every Tuesday

Funny Cats Video

Funny Cat Videos
Love cats even if you don't you're sure to find at least one of these irresistible especially the one who stands up to the crocodile or was it an alligator - better check

James Corden Does Riverdance on The Late Late Show

James Corden Does Riverdance
On the Late Late Show Corden shows off yet another unsuspected talent the show was broadcast 25 September 2015 to demonstrate a better dance off than the one that sparked off a brawl at a Texas High School and Corden later is named to receive - The Oscar Wilde Award which he'll receive 25 February 2016 this Irish dance was the likely icing on the cake to being honoured such a prestigious Irish American Entertainment Award

Massive Blue UFO over Los Angeles

7 November 2015 So this isn't exactly fun but very intriguing
Massive Blue UFO over Los Angeles Is it a UFO or Training Missile

Julia Walters accepting BAFTA 1984 Educating Rita from Christopher Reeves - Superman

Love Julie Walters here she is hilarious as ever back in 1984 accepting her BAFTA for Educating Rita from Christopher Reeves see what see says to the actor we all remember as our hero Superman ...

James Corden and Jason Derulo Carpool Karaoke

Jason Derulo and James Corden Carpool Karaoke driving through Los Angeles discussing sheets, HipOpera, singing, stopping for a dance lesson and take over a star tour.
James and Jason


Carpool Karaoke James Corden and Stevie Wonder The :Late Late Show September 2015

Carpool Karaoke The Late Late Show with James Corden and Stevie Wonder You'll love it - what a sport Stevie Wow Wonder James and Stevie

James Corden and One Direction Dodge Ball

James Corden at it again this time with One Direction check out Harry gets hit in the never ever region, Liam gets the wrong answer and a kiss on the head Niall gets the kiss of death and poor Louis first in the shower ...
Dodgeball With One Direction

Stephen Fry
's opinion on American V British Comedy classic here from 2012
wisecrack vs failing trier
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Check out this fun RAP Battle
Comedian Pete Giovine follow on twitter for more fun @PeteGiovine wins rap battle at Hollywood Improv, fair and square RAP Battle

Hillarious Flight Attendant

Love this flight attendant funny link book her please on next flight Awesome would make such a difference see youtube and follow @mashable who tweeted it for more fun follow them on twitter

Michael Parkinson Interviews Robin Williams

Robin Williams RIP
21 July 1951 - 11 August 2014
Watch here interview with Michael Parkinson 2002 love it (about 20mins take time out for laughter and the irreplaceable Robin Williams)
'No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.'

Tourettes Karaoke

Sure this one's controversial but tickles us - so don't shoot the messenger just check out the link the guy has a great voice by the way, just not sure if we should be laughing (even howling) but think he's truly awesome Tourettes Karaoke on youtube

Sir David Attenborough with Amazing DIY Orangutans

Animal Lovers this one's amazing from Sir David Attenborough Orangutans DIY

Chimp v Human Working Memory Test

They're so clever love this
Chimp v Human Working Memory Test

Dog Does Maths Maggie

What do you think - Mans Best Friend Extraordinary Animals Dog Does Maths think they cheated both ways,
for one Maggie did she get the right answer also do we count in dog years
Lol fascinating and cute..

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